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Articulation Agreements

California public institution transfer information is available via ASSIST ( -[opens in a new window]

Via ASSIST - (opens in a new window) students may access:

~ Direct (school to school) pre-established articulation agreements:

-Using the ASSIST's drop-down menus, select the community college in question and then match it up with Cal Poly, SLO

-Select the Department you are interested in reviewing courses for and review the articulations for those courses.
If you do not see the 'match' you are looking for, please refer to your Department Advisor or Advising Center to petition for the credit.

~ General Education information for California Community Colleges:

-Using ASSIST's drop-down menus, select the community college in question.

-Click on the 'CSU-GE Breadth Certification Courses' link to view/confirm the community/junior college's approved GE courses. If the course(s) are recognized as GE at the community college, Cal Poly will also recognize the course(s) as GE (as it pertains to student specific curriculum requirements)



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