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Graduation Process

Expected Graduation Term

Starting in Fall Quarter 2015, undergraduate students no longer need to apply for graduation using the Graduation Application/Request for Graduation Evaluation form.

Instead, when students reach 75% or more of degree completion (80% for Architecture and Landscape Architecture majors), as indicated on their Academic Progress gauge on Poly Profile, the Office of the Registrar will input an expected graduation term for them that is one year away. Students will receive an email from, informing them that this expected grad term has been set for them, and that they are expected to graduate within four quarters.

The expected graduation term can be viewed in the Student Center and Poly Profile.

Students are not able to register beyond their expected graduation term.

On the other hand, there may be some very legitimate reasons why some students need to extend this graduation term beyond the one that is automatically set for them.

Students with such academically or personally justifiable reasons to extend their graduation term can fill out the Change of Degree Completion Term Form and see their advisor for possible approval of the request to extend.

Once you have been notified that your graduation term has been set, you should access your Degree Progress Report each time you register, to ensure that you are fulfilling the requirements for your degree. If you have any questions about your degree requirements, you should see your advisor.

Degree Posting

Upon completion of the term you indicated as your 'degree completion term,' the Evaluations Unit will review your remaining degree requirements . You will be notified via email the status of your degree, whether we are able to award your degree, or not. Please update address information via to ensure proper delivery of correspondence, and be sure to continue to check your email address for correspondence from Evaluations.


You will receive a complimentary diploma approximately six to eight weeks after your degree has been awarded. (Note: Review by Evaluations begins one week after the end of finals week and continues for at least six weeks.) Diplomas are sent USPS to your mailing address. Please update your address through if you have a change in your mailing address. Diplomas cannot be forwarded by USPS. Additional diplomas may be purchased through University Store.

Diploma Name

Please update your Diploma Name using Doing so no later than six weeks before Commencement ensures that your name will be correct both in the bulletin and on your diploma.

Graduation/Commencement Ceremonies

Student Life & Leadership posts Graduation and Commencement Ceremonies information on their website.

Senior Checklist

Cal Poly Alumni Relations, Almost Alumni Handbook provides information and suggestions for a smooth transition to graduation (opens new window).

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