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Registration Instructions


Students use CPReg to Add, Drop, Swap, and Edit classes by logging on to, choosing Student Center and when their registration appointment starts and click the "Add a Class" link. CPReg can also be accessed from the Registration and Enrollment tab in the portal. Students are responsible knowing what classes they are enrolled in and should print class schedules after making any changes.

For assistance with your User ID and/or password, please contact the Help Desk at (805) 756-7000 or visit the IT Service desk .

PASS - Plan A Student Schedule

Create and save multiple schedule options prior to your registration appointment using PASS. A link to PASS is on portal, Registration and Enrollment tab, Enrollment Planning channel. Guests can also use PASS to search classes being offered. For more information, please watch the PASS demo (opens in new window) .

Adding an Open Class

Students can add open classes starting on their registration enrollment appointment time through the last day of open enrollment (Thursday before quarter begins) on CPReg. A permission number must be entered to add a class once classes begin.

Swapping a Class

In CPReg click on the Swap tab. Choose the class you wish to swap out of and enter the class number you wish to swap into and click Submit. You will receive either a "success" or "fix errors" message. If the class you want to swap into has a waitlist you will receive the option to waitlist. If you click "okay to waitlist" you will be added to the waitlist and dropped from your enrolled class. Please watch the CPReg demo (opens in new window) for further instructions.

Waitlisting Closed Classes

Students can waitlist for closed class(es) and the waitlist will enroll a student in a class if a seat becomes available, course requirements met, they are not enrolled in another section of the same course, or not enrolled in a course that causes a time-conflict. When students are waitlisted for multiple sections of the same course, once the waitlist enrolls the student in a section of that course, the other waitlisted sections of that course will be dropped. The waitlist will not enroll when one of the components is closed (lecture, lab, activity). Note: The last day waitlisted classes show in the Student Center is the last day of open enrollment.

Editing a Class

To swap a lab or activity component use the Edit tab. If the lecture (enrollment section) is closed you need a permission number from the instructor to re-enroll in the lecture with the new lab section. Please see the CPReg Demo (opens in new window) for further instructions on swapping and editing features in CPReg. The Edit feature is used to change the grading option of a class or change the unit value in a variable unit class.

Dropping a Class

Classes can be dropped via CPReg through the eighth day of instruction. Student should drop a class if they instructor requests that they do so immediately. If you are enrolled in the wrong class or section at the end of the term, you will receive a failing grade of "F" or "WU". It is the student's responsibility to verify their schedule and drop unwanted courses before the drop deadline via CPReg . Following the end of the drop period, if you wish to withdraw from a class, you must do so by submitting a course withdrawal petition with approval signatures. Refer to the Withdrawal Information page for details.

Financial Aid Recipients: A change in your enrollment status from full-time to 3/4 or half-time must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. If you withdraw from the term at any time during the quarter, you must submit an approved term withdrawal petition to the Office of the Registrar and see a Financial Aid Counselor.

You MAY be dropped by an instructor for one of the reasons listed below:

Failure to attend the 1st class meeting:

If you are unable to attend the first class meeting, prior arrangements should be made with the instructor. If you do not contact the instructor, you could be line-dropped. The instructor can line-drop students who fail to appear within the first thirty minutes of the first class meeting of a lecture, laboratory or activity class. If enrolled in a lab/lecture combination, be sure to attend both courses during the first session. If you attend the lecture on the first day but miss the laboratory session, or vice versa, you may be dropped from both.


Failure to meet course requirements:

Some classes have special pre-requisites or restrictions, require department or instructor consent, or are reserved for majors only. See the Cal Poly Catalog for course details.

Canceled classes:

Students will be automatically removed/dropped from canceled classes and notified via their Cal Poly e-mail address.

Permission Numbers

Permission numbers are required to add classes on CPReg once classes begin through the eighth (8th) day of instruction (the add/drop period) and are obtained from the instructor. Permission numbers can also override class requisites (requirement) if the instructor or department

Reminder: View and PRINT your updated schedule at . It is strongly suggested that you keep a hard copy of your final schedule for each quarter.

Priority Registration

Undergraduate students are eligible to use a total of three priority registration appointments. First-time freshman are eligible to use a priority their fourth quarter of enrollment. Transfer students and students that have been readmitted are eligible to use a priority their second term of enrollment. Students find their priority registration appointment by checking the alpha registration rotation schedule under the priority registration section of Registration Rotation Schedule. Priority registration appointments must be initiated before the end of the priority registration cycle. Once a priority registration appointment is elected for a term it is NOT possible to reverse it so be sure the courses you want are available before choosing a priority. 


Please visit the Student Accounts website for information on registration fees. Failure to pay within the required time-frame will result in a hold being placed on your account and classes being dropped. Students that initiate registration after their alpha rotation appointment and during Open Enrollment period will incur a $25.00 late registration fee.

Important Note -

The CSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum.  Fees listed in published schedules or student accounts may need to be increased when public funding is inadequate.  Therefore, CSU must reserve the right, even after initial fee payments are made, to increase or modify any listed fees, without notice, until the date when instruction for a particular semester or quarter has begun.  All CSU listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by The Board of Trustees.

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