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Transcript Request for Former Students

Ordering Official Transcripts

Transcripts are ordered through Parchment Exchange. This service can send official transcripts as traditional hardcopy and, for students who attended after Fall 1988, an electronic version is also available. Former students (have not attended for 8 quarters or more) do not have access to unofficial transcripts.

To order transcripts you need your Student ID Number and dates of attendance.

1. Student ID (EMPL) Number Request form

The Cal Poly Student ID Number is a 9 digit identification number. To obtain your Student ID Number, submit the Student ID Number Request form (pdf). You can fax, or scan and email the form to us. The fax number and email address are on the form along with further instructions. We are not allowed to give student ID Numbers over the phone without the signed request form in our office. The Student ID Number replaced Social Security numbers as the student identification number.

2. Determine dates of attendance

You need your dates of attendance to order your transcripts. See the table below for assistance.

Dates of Attendance Term Begin/End months
For example, a student who attended Cal Poly from Winter 2001 through Fall 2006 would enter dates of attendance as January, 2001 through December 2006.


Month Term Began

Month Term Ended













3. Order transcripts with Parchment Exchange

Please note: Search Cal Poly in the College/University Name field

Transcripts are $10.00 each.

Transcripts with attachments.
Please either fax to 805-756-7237 or scan and email to We will send you an email confirming receipt of your attachment and will send the attachment with your official transcript.

Please direct questions regarding transcripts to

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