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Permission Numbers

Permission numbers are required for students to add classes during the first eight days of instruction of the quarter ("add/drop"). Permission numbers that override requisites are required when a prerequisite for a course was met through transfer work or AP test credit and is not yet reflected in a student's record, or when a student is trying to add a class and one or more of the class components (lecture, lab, discussion or activity) are closed.

Enrolling with a Permission Number

In Student Center enter the class number in the "Select Class to Add" section and click "next". You can enter the permission number in the "Select Classes to Add- Enrollment Preferences" section and then click "next." If there is a related class component enter the class number for the component at the same time.

Permission numbers cannot override time conflicts or the 22 unit enrollment limit.

Swapping a Class with a Permission Number

In Student Center click on the Swap link and your enrolled classes display. Enter the class number you want to swap into and click "next." In "Enrollment Preferences" you can enter a permission number and then click "next."

If you want to swap a lab or activity component and the lecture component you are enrolled in is now closed, you will need a permission number to re-enroll in the lecture with the new component section. Please see the Cal Poly Registration Demo (opens in new window) for further instructions on swapping a class.

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