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PolyPlanner Demonstration Videos

Learn to Use PolyPlanner

1. Exploring PolyPlanner

Become acquainted with PolyPlanner by watching this general introduction video.

3. Understanding the PolyPlanner Legend and Icons

Familiarize yourself with the PolyPlanner Legend and learn about the various icons.

2. Updating and Planning Your PolyPlanner Terms

Learn how to modify and plan terms in PolyPlanner.

Tips and Tricks

TIP 1: Opening PolyPlanner

Find out how to open your PolyPlan.

TIP 3: Adding and Removing Courses and Messages

Discover how to add and move courses/messages within your PolyPlan.

TIP 5: Logging Out

Learn how to log out of PolyPlanner.

TIP 2: Finding Your Flowchart

Learn how to access your flowchart to make planning easier.

TIP 4: Adding a Term

Find out how to add a term to your PolyPlan.


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