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PolyPlanner GE Area D1 Information

If your Roadmap shows your GE D1* requirement checked off, you may ignore the information below.

If your Roadmap does not check off GE D1*, you should run your Degree Progress Report (DPR) to check the status of your GE D1.

If your DPR shows GE D1 as satisfied:

  • You do not need to plan a course to meet that requirement, and you do not need to read further.

If your DPR does not show GE D1 as satisfied, the following information will help you determine what you need to plan.

  1. If you see any course that mentions “partial D1” anywhere in your DPR, please check with your advising center AND with Evaluations to determine what you still need to complete to satisfy D1. Note that your Roadmap will still not check off the D1 requirement in these situations.
  2. If you passed both AP US History and AP US Government and Politics exams with a score of 3 or higher, you need to complete only POLS 111, a one-unit course. If this applies to you, you should right-click to add POLS 111 to your PolyPlan, but note that D1 will still not check off on your Roadmap. Your DPR will show D1 as satisfied after you complete POLS 111.
  3. If none of the conditions above apply to you, you will need to plan a four-unit Cal Poly D1 course from the list provided.

*GE Areas D2 and D3 may also not check off on your Roadmap, but may show as satisfied on your DPR. Always run your DPR as the final word on whether you need to plan courses for a requirement.

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