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Class Schedule

The Quarter Campus

The Cal Poly academic Class Schedule is published four times a year: summer, fall, winter and spring.

Searching for Classes

Class Search is made available through PeopleSoft, Cal Poly's student information system. Those who do not have a Cal Poly username and password may use this tool to view the Class Schedule for a term.         

  1. Enter the Institution:  Cal Poly
  2. Terms can be easily identified through the last digit of the four digit term code.
    • Winter = 2
    • Spring = 4
    • Summer = 6
    • Fall = 8
    • Enter a "2" followed by the last two digits of the desired year, "20," followed by the term code. As an Example, Winter 2020 would be entered as: 2202.
    • A user may see previous terms. Future terms are available one to two weeks prior to the start of registration for the term.
  3. Enter a minimum of two (2) search criteria to search for results. Additional Search Criteria can be selected by expanding the menu.

Helpful Hint: Second Search Item

If there is only one item you would like to search on, expand Additional Search Criteria and use the drop down filter for Campus: Main Cal Poly Campus. Cal Poly only uses the main campus for scheduling purposes so this will return all results and satisfy the system requirement for two search criteria.

Search for classes interface

Basic class Search criteria

Subject: The subject area for the specific course

Course Number: The course number

Course Career: Undergraduate or Postbaccalaureate

Show Open Course Checkbox: Leave selected to only view courses that are in "open" status (i.e. have seats available)

Course Attribute: Options include Fully Online; General Education areas; US Cultural Pluralism; and Graduation Writing Requirement

If selecting Course Attribute of General Education area, select the specific area under Course Attribute Value


Helpful Hint: Open GE Courses

To see all "open" General Education courses in the Class Schedule, select the checkbox for Open Course and search for the specific General Education area. By leaving search criteria broad, results will return values for open courses offered across all subject areas for that particular GE Area.

search for class results interface

Additional Search Criteria

Expand the Additional Search Criteria for additional filters. There are a variety of search criteria which may be used.

additional search criteria interface

Helpful Hint: Campus and Location

Campus: Cal Poly only utilizes the Main Cal Poly Campus in the Class Schedule

Location: This filter may be used to see offerings available off campus. Oftentimes, these courses are related to the Cal Poly International Program and have specific requirements to enroll.

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