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Major Change Evaluations

Students interested in changing their major should visit the Registration and Enrollment tab of their portal. Under Enrollment Planning, they will find a link titled Change Your Major, which gives contact information for advisors for all Cal Poly majors. If the advisor for that major believes the major will be a good fit for the student, s/he will initiate an Individualized Change of Major Agreement, to begin the student’s process of changing into the desired major.

The campus is no longer using the paper Change of Major form. However, for adding a major, or for dropping a major, the process will be to use the paper form, available from the Office of the Registrar service window.

Double Majors

A student may be granted a bachelor's degree with two majors if all requirements of both curricula are satisfied at the same time. However, no more than one diploma or degree will be granted to a student for the same term. In the event that a student has completed the requirements for two different degrees, i.e., Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, he/she will be required to declare one, as the degree major in order to determine which degree will be awarded. The fact that the requirements of another program have been completed will be noted on the transcript.

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