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Transfer Student Information

Registration Preparation

Students can view their enrollment appointments on their Student Center two weeks before registration begins and should check for holds at that time so any registration hold can be cleared prior to their appointment date. Students can see Registration Appointment Schedules, Final Exam Schedules, Student Planning Calendars and the Future Registration Rotation Schedule on Calendars/Deadlines.

Plan A Student Schedule - PASS

Students search for classes and plan and save potential class schedules in PASS before registering in Student Center. PASS shows available seats and a waitlist if one has started. PASS updates every 5 minutes for most enrollment functions and the waitlist runs nightly. For additional information, watch the PASS demo.


When your appointment time starts you will be able to access registration in your Student Center. Have multiple class schedules with class numbers from PASS ready for the class(es) you want to add, or push the classes you want from PASS to your Student Center. Watch the Registration demos before your register to get familiar with the registration system. Additional registration information and resources are found on the Registration and Enrollment tab on  

Verify and Print Your Schedule

Always save your schedule after you register or make any changes and be sure to check it again for classroom changes before classes begin. You are responsible for your schedule and dropping classes. Some instructors will line-drop a student who does not attend the first class meeting but not all and it is the student’s responsibility to know their schedule. Students have until the eighth day of instruction to add or drop a class.

Degree Progress Report

The DPR is an interactive advising tool that provides an up-to-date assessment of students' academic progress to graduation. Watch how to Access your DPR and then the DPR Demo for an explanation on how to use this resource. 

Other Academic Credit

Watch the AP Matrix Demo for information on how AP and IB test credit scores can count towards Cal Poly credit. When scores are received by Cal Poly they become viewable on Poly Profile via the “Test Credit Detail” link. College transfer work can be viewed on Poly Profile via “Higher Education Credit Detail” link and will be processed later in Fall Quarter, as resources must be devoted to other degree evaluation activities during this time. The Poly Profile Demo shows how to find this information in your Poly Profile and what other academic information you will find there. 

Fee Payment Information

For information on tuition and fee payments please visit the Student Accounts website.

Update Address/email Information

Keep your addresses and phone records current while you are enrolled at Cal Poly. To update go to the Personal Info tab on

Know Your Privacy Rights

For additional information and instructions visit our FERPA page.

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