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Student Information Center

Enrollment & Degree Verification
Verification process for students and outside sources.

How to pay for and order official transcripts through the Records Office.

Grading and Academic Standards
Grading process and symbols used at Cal Poly as well as academic honors and probation.

Credit by Examination
Take an exam to gain credit for a course you have never attended.

Leaves of Absence (Educational/Medical/Short-Term)
Policies/guideleines for extended absence from campus for educational or medical reasons, plus information on short-term absences (for no more than 2 consecutive terms).

Student Exchange Programs
Information about international and national exchange programs as well as visitors from other campuses.

Veteran Benefits
Requirements and available benefits information for veterans.

Extended Education Courses
How Extended Education (Open University) classes affect your Cal Poly records.

Academic Renewal Policy
Policy and regulation guidelines for the Cal Poly State University Academic Renewal program.

Student Privacy
What can the university disclose about you and how you can privatize 'Directory Information'.

Term Code

The first digit is for the century 2
the next two are the year 16
the last is for the term 2 for Winter, 4 for Spring, 6 for Summer, 8 for Fall.
For example, the term code for Fall 2016 is 2168

Frequently Asked Questions

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