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Event Scheduling: Overview

The Office of the Registrar serves as the functional administrator for 25Live, the space and event scheduling software used by the campus community.

  • 25Live provides a centralized system for scheduling and initiating workflow to support activities and events on campus, while also allowing individual scheduling entities to maintain policies related to their specific facilities.
  • 25Live provides a tool for automatically publishing calendars to the web, including the university’s master calendar of Events.
  • Members of the campus community can use 25Live to view locations and check availability for planning activities and events.

What is 25Live?

Cal Poly uses the 25Live product from CollegeNET for space and event scheduling. Users must login using their Cal Poly username and password. The application is web-based and is used for scheduling events as well as publishing information to the University's Events Master Calendar. The software provides a centralized scheduling system and data repository for events held at Cal Poly, yet allows individual scheduling units to maintain policies related to specific facilities.

Who to Contact to Schedule an Event

Several departments on campus assist in scheduling events. The sponsoring organization will determine who you will interact with when requesting facilities.

event type or requesting group scheduling department
  • Campus Academic or Administrative Department
  • Class Meeting or Formal Study Group (one-time or recurring meeting outside regular class time)
  • Instructionally-Related Activity
Office of the Registrar, Master Calendar Event Scheduling
Facilities and Event Request Form
  • Multi Cultural Groups and Dean of Students Programming
Dean of Students
UU Epicenter e-Plan (requires portal log-in)
  • Off-campus Entities and Individuals not sponsored by a campus group
  • Co-sponsored or sponsored events utilizing State Facilities to host off-campus attendees
Conference and Event Planning

Event Scheduling: Planning Resources

The University has established formal scheduling protocol for events and activities to ensure effective campus coordination and to provide individuals and groups with a means by which to reserve facilities, spaces, equipment, other resources and support services. These scheduling protocol apply to all campus events and activities, including but not limited to speeches, musical and artistic performances and exhibitions, public assemblies and events, marches and parades, non-commercial solicitation and commercial activities.

Event Planning Resource Guide – Information related to navigating the event planning process.

How to Schedule an Event

One of the first steps in planning your event is evaluating location needs and availability. The following document guides the user in using 25Live to check location availability. Once potential event date times, dates and locations are identified, contact the appropriate scheduling entity to assist with your request.

Check Location Availability Instructions

University Conference Rooms – For faculty and staff use only

Reservations are made by requesting use of the space when scheduling your meeting through Microsoft Office 365. Once the room is added to the meeting, a request will be routed to An email will be sent once the space is confirmed. Note that academic classes and faculty office hours should not be scheduled in these rooms.

Available locations:

  • Bldg. 010 – 0241 (Erhart Agriculture, capacity: 24, smart room technology)
  • Bldg. 047 - 024B (Faculty Offices North, capacity: 20)
  • Bldg. 026 – 0100 (Graphic Arts, capacity: 10)
  • Bldg. 026 – 0109 (Graphic Arts, capacity: 18, smart room technology)
  • Bldg. 052 - D27 (Science, capacity: 12, smart room technology)


Campus Administrative Policy should be consulted during each stage of the planning process to ensure compliance with university policies and procedures.

Audio and Web Conferencing – Information and campus locations with audio conferencing services available.

Chalking – Chalk-written messages are not encouraged on campus

Commercial Signage – Guidelines for commercial advertising on campus

Food Safety Policies – Campus food safety policies and resources

Risk Management – Responsibilities, considerations, and resources to minimize avoidable risk

Staked Signs and Sandwich Boards (Non-Commercial) – Standards and location suggestions

Video Conferencing – Facilities and support information for two-way, interactive “face-to-face” communication between Cal Poly and remote locations.

Event Scheduling: Facilities and Event Request Form

The Facilities and Event Request form is the point of entry for your request. Once submitted, the Events team will contact you within three business days to update you on status of your request. Various things are taken into consideration during this time including venue availability, scope of requested event and if in compliance with policy, timeframe of request submission, and overview of campus personnel which should be made aware of the request.

Facilities and Event Request Form

Contact Us

University Scheduling office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.– 12 p.m. and 1 p.m.– 5 p.m.
We are located in the Administration Building (01), Room 215.

  • Cesar Galvez, Master Calendar
  • Vicky Myers, Master Calendar
  • Michele Reynolds, Assistant Registrar of University Scheduling

Event Scheduling • 805-756-5550 •

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