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Graduation Evaluations for Graduate Students

A student planning to graduate must submit a Request for Graduation Evaluation to Evaluations in the OAR Office approximately two quarters prior to the anticipated term of degree completion. If you do not submit the Graduation Evaluation request you will not receive your evaluation results, you will be ineligible to participate in the graduation ceremony and your degree may not be awared as planned.

Requesting a graduation evaluation initiates your eligibility to participate in the Commencement Ceremony. If you request a graduation date of Winter, Spring or Summer you will be eligible for the Spring Ceremony. If you request a graduation date of Fall you will be eligible for the Fall Ceremony.

An updated evaluation is generated and returned to students two quarters prior to degree completion date. Evaluations will not be updated again until final grades are posted.

Students are ineligible to register for classes in a term beyond the term in which they have declared that their degree requirements will be completed. If degree completion terms change, students must file Change of Degree Completion Term Requests on this web link or at the Office of the Registrar forms area. Registration will then be possible within 48 hours, which is the time needed to process the term changes.

Follow the instructions on the form and be sure to attach all applicable documents (Formal Study Plan, Advancement to Candidacy & etc). See your department or advising center for applicable documents.

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