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Notice of University Departure (For Undergraduates only)

A Departure from the University is a permanent decision to leave Cal Poly. You will be discontinued and will have to reapply if you wish to return.

A Leave of Absence is a temporary leave from the university, which may be necessary during your undergraduate career. A Leave of Absence also ensures that your program of study and access to services remain active.

Do you need a Leave of Absence instead of a Departure?

  • Requesting a leave of absence communicates to the university that you will not be attending Cal Poly for more than two consecutive terms.
  • If you are withdrawing from courses in the current term, but intend to enroll in the next term, a leave of absence is not required.
  • You may elect to take a leave of absence for a variety of reasons:
    • Medical emergencies
    • Family crisis or other personal situations
    • Financial issues
    • Academic difficulties
  • You must be eligible to enroll in the term the leave begins. Two leaves with a maximum of six quarters combined are available to each student and cannot be extended beyond the limit. Summer quarters are not included when calculating the length of a leave.
  • Please visit the Office of the Registrar if a leave of absence is more applicable to your situation

If you feel Departure is still the right choice, please fill out the form below.

Student Information
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Academic Reason for Leaving
Personal Reason for Leaving
Financial Reason for Leaving
Medical/Psychological Reason for Leaving

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