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PASS (Class Schedule)

PASS is an online system for viewing the class schedule for the upcoming quarter.

Users with a Cal Poly account can access PASS through their portal, which allows them to build and save schedules for registration.

Access PASS without a Cal Poly account.




Access PASS button


Step 2: Select classes from the Poly Plan listed in the center of the page or by department or GE Area listed on the left hand side.


select PASS plan

select plan by department

*Note: You can filter searches by checking the boxes listed above “Select By Department” or setting your availability for the quarter.


Step 3: As you select classes, they will show up in “Selected Courses”. Once you’ve added courses, hit “Next: Choose Sections”


select courses


Step 4: Choose sections that work with you schedule and hit “Next: Select Schedule”


select schedule


Step 5: Review possible schedules that the system generates. Click on “select this schedule” to view a schedule in more detail and potentially save as a schedule. Then hit “Next: View and Save Schedule”


select this schedule


Step 6: Save potential schedules that you will want to access before and during registration. By saving schedules, you can access these in the future by clicking view saved schedules in the upper right hand corner


save this schedule


Step 7: Select a schedule that you would like to take for the term. Click the “push the schedule to Student Center” button for the schedule you would like to choose


push this schedule


Step 8: Complete the process of sending the schedule to student center by clicking “send now”


send this schedule

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