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PolyPlanner Non-Compliant Exception Request Form

Strict PolyPlanner compliance standards are enforced in order to improve course availability (see FAQ #13 for more information).

This form is intended for PolyPlanner non-compliant students seeking an exception. Exceptions will be regularly reviewed by an Office of the Registrar committee. In order to receive an exception, you must demonstrate that there were circumstances beyond your control which prevented you from meeting the requirements.

These are examples of situations that do not typically warrant an exception:

  • Failing to read or receive emails sent to your official Cal Poly email account concerning PolyPlanner guidelines or deadlines. See Email Communications policy.
  • Refusing to familiarize yourself with PolyPlanner requirements before deadlines.
  • Neglecting to log in because your PolyPlan did not change.
  • Forgetting to update PolyPlanner because you are studying abroad.

Exception requests will be reviewed by a committee daily, and the Office of the Registrar will email you concerning the outcome 1-2 business days after your form is submitted. Note that committee decisions are final.

Please submit the following form to complete an exception request.

Request Form
Please answer the following questions. Refer to your PolyPlanner Compliance Status indicator located in PolyProfile. It displays your login and planning status, which was captured immediately after the deadline.
Provide a brief summary of the circumstances which prevented you from meeting the PolyPlanner requirements and explain why you are non-compliant.

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