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For Department Academic Schedulers

Class scheduling resources for academic department class schedulers:

  • Request Scheduling Update Access in PeopleSoft Student Administration – Submit a Technical Service Request through the Single Click Access area of your Portal.
    1. Choose New CMS Account Request
    2. Choose New User or Add/Change current security and complete all fields marked with an asterisk.
    3. Choose CMS PeopleSoft Student Administration > Student Records and enter "Class Scheduler" in text box. Click Submit for Approval.
  • Class Scheduling Production Calendar – Deadlines for class schedule development.
  • Submitting Academic Schedule Changes – Opens as PDF. Please follow this format when emailing your change requests, so we can make changes efficiently and accurately with the fewest email exchanges possible.
  • Approved Scheduling Time Patterns – Designed to maximize both student access to classes, as well as facility utilization, updated 8/30/2016.
  • Special Final Exams – Requesting common finals, final exams for classes scheduled in irregular time patterns, and alternate final exams.
  • University Lecture Rooms effective Fall 2016 - Opens as PDF. List of university-scheduled lecture rooms, by building and capacity, updated 8/22/16.
  • University Lecture Rooms effective Summer 2016 – Opens as PDF. List of university-scheduled lecture rooms, by building and capacity, updated 4/15/16.
  • Summer Term 2016 Scheduling Materials – Five-, eight-, and ten-week course session dates, approved Summer scheduling time patterns (these are different from patterns used for the other terms), and final exam schedules. Additional information regarding Summer 2016 is available on Extended Education's website at

Training Resources for Schedulers:

  • Scheduling User Guide to PeopleSoft - Opens as PDF. Updated 8-2-16. Resources and Overview of PeopleSoft fields required for entering and proofing academic schedules.
  • Schedule of Classes Dashboard User Guide – Opens as PDF. Updated 10/16/12. Review your current and upcoming schedules using the PolyData Dashboards, accessible through the Single Click Access area of your Portal. Much of the Schedule of Classes Report information can be reviewed in a format similar to our proofing and reporting spreadsheets. This is especially useful for reviewing your data entry while you have update access. (Data warehouse information is updated only once daily, so changes will not be reflected until the next day.)
  • Scheduling Tips and Resources provided at Block Scheduling Open Forum, PDF and Word (February 2010).
  • University Scheduling Updates, Tips and Resources slide presentation and samples (10/24/2008).

Other scheduling and curriculum resources:

Registration resources:

  • Permission Numbers – Instructions and restrictions of registration permission numbers.
  • Waitlisting – Instructions and restrictions of registration waitlisting.

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