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For Event Planners

Although academic-related activities have scheduling priority for campus facilities, most are available for use outside class time for campus-affiliated club meetings, study groups, and guest speakers. University Scheduling coordinates usage requests to ensure that facilities are being used within CSU and campus policies and guidelines.

Who to Contact to Schedule an Event

Several departments on campus schedule events for different groups:

Who to Contact to Schedule an Event or Request a Facility
Your event type or requesting group will determine who will make your reservation. Contact 805-756-5550 with questions.

         Event Type or Requesting Group Scheduling Department

University Scheduling

Facilities & Event Request Form


UU Epicenter e-Plan (requires portal log-in)
Recreation Center
Athletics Department
  • Off-campus Entities and Individuals not sponsored by a campus group
  • Co-sponsored or sponsored events utilizing State Facilities to host off-campus attendees
Conference & Event Planning
  • Performance Groups requesting the Christopher Cohan Center or Spanos Theatre
Performing Arts Center

What is 25Live?

Cal Poly uses the 25Live product from CollegeNET for space and event scheduling. The application is web-based and is used for scheduling events as well as publishing information to the university’s Events Calendar. The software provides a centralized scheduling system and data repository for events held at Cal Poly, yet allows individual scheduling units to maintain policies related to specific facilities. The authenticated version of 25Live is currently available for scheduling entities. Cal Poly faculty and staff will be able to login to the system in the future.

How to Schedule an Event

One of the very first steps in planning your event is evaluating location needs and availability. The following document is an up-to-date guide with instruction on how to check location availability.

Check Location Availability Instructions, updated 11/15/16

Once a time and date have been determined, the event planner should reach out to the appropriate scheduling entity for assistance with initiating the request. Keep in mind, venues may have different approval processes and timelines, so it is important to request a location well in advance of your event. A location is not secured until the event planner receives an event confirmation from the scheduling entity.

Campus Administrative Policy should be consulted during each stage of the planning process to insure compliance with university policies and procedures.



Class Scheduling • 805-756-2461 •
Event Scheduling • 805-756-5550 •


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