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Special Final Exams

Final exams are generally held in three-hour blocks the week immediately following instruction. Summer quarter classes have a special schedule which will be posted on the Calendars and Deadlines section of the Office of Academic Records website.

Every variation of class meeting patterns could not be included in the regular exam schedule, so some classes must be individually-scheduled prior to the final exam period. If your exam time is not in the schedule, the instructor or department should contact University Scheduling to coordinate an exam time and room.

University Scheduling will also confirm room availability during finals week and make the appropriate room reservations for Common Finals and Alternate Finals.

  • University Policy on Final Exams
  • Final Exam Calendar
  • Requesting a Common Final Exam Time
    • Departments may request common final exams for classes offering three or more sections by one or more instructors.
    • Any student who cannot attend a common final must be accommodated at another time.
    • Instructors should submit their requests for a common final in writing through the department head/chair and dean's office.
    • Common Finals may be requested for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, 7:10-10 p.m., of Finals Week (Fall, Winter and Spring). Contact University Scheduling at 805-756-2461 to arrange a common final for Summer.
    • Requests should be received by University Scheduling before the fifth week of classes. Common finals will not be arranged prior to that time due to changing classroom needs early in the term.
    • Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred exam date. However, assignments are based on the number and type of requests we receive for each term, and we cannot predict availability for a specific day or room.
    • Confirmation emails will be sent after all requests have been accommodated.
  • Requesting an Alternate Final Exam Time
    • Instructors may request alternate final times in addition to the regularly-scheduled exam. Instructors must accommodate any student wishing to take the exam at the regularly-scheduled time.
    • Assignments are based on room availability. Requests should fall within the established final exam block times. We are rarely able to accommodate requests that cross consecutive exam blocks due to room availability.
    • Contact University Scheduling to arrange additional exam time during Final Exam week.


Class Scheduling • 805-756-2461 •
Event Scheduling • 805-756-5550 •

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