Facilities & Event Request Form

This event request form is intended for use ONLY for the following event types or groups:

  • Campus academic or administrative department,
  • Class meeting or formal study group (one-time or recurring meeting outside regular class time),
  • Instructionally-related activity. (The list of IRAs is available on the Academic Programs site.)

If your event or group does not fall into one of these categories, your request will need to be made through another office.

Requests for the following locations require advanced notice for approval and staffing arrangements:

  • Chumash Auditorium, Sports Complex, Recreation Center, and Performing Arts Center require a minimum of 14 business days
  • UU 220, UU Lounges, Outdoor Lawns, Patios, Breezeways, and the Poly P require a minimum of 10 business days
  • UU Conference Rooms, Kennedy Library Learning Commons, Classrooms, and Signage require a minimum of 3 business days

Please use the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari browsers when completing the form. Internet Explorer will not display the fields and additional information you will need.

If you need to make a change to an existing reservation, please do not submit a new request. Send an email to events@calpoly.edu and include your reference number, for example "2013-AAMNOP".

All requests will be accommodated in the order received. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Events Scheduling at events@calpoly.edu or (805) 756-5550.