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Curriculum Handbook

General Information

The Curriculum Handbook is designed to aid faculty in the development of courses and programs as well as using the Curriculum Management System, a web-based curriculum authoring, editing, and approval tool.

The Cal Poly curriculum is published in several different venues:

Departmental websites should link to the Cal Poly Catalog whenever possible, and advising worksheets or brochures prepared by departments should always reflect the Catalog.

Catalog Review Cycle

The Cal Poly Catalog is published every two years and the 2017-19 catalog review cycle is currently underway. For a timetable, refer to Submission Timelines. (You may also refer to Submission Timelines to see what type types of proposals may be submitted outside of a catalog review cycle and their due dates.)

Note: At present, proposals in the Curriculum Management system default with a Start Term of Summer 2019. This is to delineate proposals that were submitted as part of the 2017-19 catalog review cycle (Start Term = Summer 2017) from proposals that were submitted later.

After all proposals for the 2017-19 catalog have been reviewed, then the Summer 2019 proposals in the queue will be reviewed next. For those proposals meeting continuous review criteria, the Start Term will be adjusted so they can be reviewed and later incorporated into the 2017-19 catalog.


Before submitting a course or program proposal for the catalog, read through the Curriculum Handbook for information on the elements that need to be considered and addressed in a proposal. Also, refer to the below checklists, which are provided to curriculum committees to assist with reviewing proposals:

Once a department completes their review of proposals for the new catalog, they send a notification memo to their college’s Curriculum Committee Chair, requesting college-level review, using the below template. Note that the memo is necessary because these individuals do not receive automated email notifications via workflow in the Curriculum Management system.

For reference, the following materials have been provided to college curriculum committees in a joint presentation by the Academic Senate Curriculum Committee Chair and the Office of the Registrar:

This information will be added to the home page of the Curriculum Handbook to help mitigate questions.

Submitting Proposals

New Degree Program: Contact the Academic Programs and Planning Office.

Discontinue Degree Program: Contact the Academic Programs and Planning Office.

Selected Topics Course: To propose a topic for a Selected Topics course, use this form.

All other course and program proposals are submitted via the Curriculum Management System found on the Academics tab of the Cal Poly portal for faculty.

Contact Us

  • Brian Self, Academic Senate Curriculum Committee Chair
  • Susan Olivas, Associate Registrar for Curriculum, Catalog and Scheduling
  • Pamela Bleisch, Curriculum Coordinator
  • Shayna Bailey, Catalog Editor

You may email questions to

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