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GE Area F: Ethnic Studies

GE Area F - Faculty Advising Presentation, May 20, 2021

CA AB 1460

CA AB 1460 was signed by Governor Newsom in August 2020. This bill requires every CSU student following the 2021-2022 catalog and forward to complete a graduation requirement in Ethnic Studies.

The focus of these courses must be: African American, Asian American, Latinx American, and/or Native American Studies. In addition, these courses must have an Ethnic Studies prefix (ES), but cross-listings with ES are allowed.

The CSU Chancellor's Office revised the General Education Executive Order to make this Ethnic Studies requirement a GE requirement, not just a graduation requirement:

  • The Chancellor's Office created a new GE Area F lower-division requirement (4 units)
  • Overall General Education units will remain at 72 total.
  • The 4 units for the new GE Area F have been removed from lower-division Area D.

Area F Courses

  • Five lower-division Ethnic Studies courses are being converted to Area F to meet Cal Poly's immediate needs.
  • Three upper-division Area F courses are being created for transfer students (to be offered beginning Winter 2022).
  • Fall 2021 new first-year students will be block scheduled throughout their first year into lower-division Area F courses.

Area F and USCP

Cal Poly faculty will retain Cal Poly's United States Cultural Pluralism (USCP) requirement in addition to the new Area F: Ethnic Studies requirement.

Courses approved for Area F: Ethnic Studies will NOT be USCP courses as well. This reduces confusion for students on how to meet the USCP requirement.

Change of Catalog - Moving to 2021-2022 Catalog

Students choosing to move to the 2021-2022 Cal Poly catalog will be held to the Area F: Ethnic Studies requirement regardless of the status of their lower-division Area D completion. This ensures compliance with the legislative mandate and maintains equity among all students.

California Community Colleges will offer Area F: Ethnic Studies courses beginning Fall 2021. Thus, in future years, Area F will be part of GE certification for transfer students.

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