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Enrollment Appointments

Fall 2020 Continuing Students

Fall 2020 Registration Appointment Categories 1st round (18 units) Start dates 2nd round (22 units) start dates
Special Exception June 29 September 4
Continuing Graduate Students June 30 September 4
Academic Progress Level IV (100% - 75.1%) July 1 - July 2 September 8
Academic Progress Level III (75% - 45.1%) July 6 - July 7 September 9
Academic Progress Level II (45% - 20.1%) July 8 - July 10 September 10
Academic Progress Level I (20% - 0%) July 13 September 11
Degree Planner Non-Compliant - -

See your Student Center for specific day and time of registration appointment.

Registration closed for Continuing Students July 18, 2020 - September 3, 2020

1st round Registration Appointments continue through July 13, 2020

Open Enrollment for All Students (Continuing and New): September 12 - September 13, 2020

Refer to your PolyProfile on your Cal Poly Portal for your Academic Progress Gauge.

Fall 2020 New Students

Fall 2020 Registration Appointment Categories 1st round (18 units) Start dates 2nd round (22 units) start dates
NEW Incoming Transfer Students and Readmitted Undergraduate Students August 28 September 4
NEW Graduate Students and Readmitted Postbac Students August 28 September 4
NEW Undergraduate Students August 31 - September 2 September 4

See your Student Center for specific day and time of registration appointment.

Open Enrollment for All Students (Continuing and New): September 12 - September 13, 2020

Student Classification/Standing

You are considered a Freshmen if you have fewer than 45 units.
You are considered a Sophomore if you have 45 to 89 units.
You are considered a Junior if you have 90 to 134 units.
You are a Senior if you have 135 or more units.

Student Definitions


Enrolled in classes at Cal Poly without being absent more than two consecutive quarters (excluding summer term). Students on approved leaves of absence, Cal Poly Study Abroad or Exchange Programs are considered continuing students.

If you have not attended any of these consecutive quarters: Then the Next quarter you have to attend to avoid discontinuation is:
Winter, Spring, Summer Fall
Spring, Summer, Fall Winter
Fall, Winter Spring

If you are not eligible to register at the university, the registration system will direct you to contact the Admissions Office at (805) 756-2311 for information and instructions.


Some students with documented disabilities may qualify for Special Exception Registration. Please review the eligibility criteria at DRC Priority Registration and contact the Disability Resource Center (805) 756-1395 for more information.


You may enroll in regular classes offered by the university through Open University if you meet eligibility requirements and are not a matriculated Cal Poly student. You may also enroll for extension or vocational courses, workshops, or other programs which offer academic or professional credit. For more information, contact the Extended Education Office at (805) 756-2053.


You matriculated previously but have not enrolled in classes for two consecutive terms (excluding Summer term) and must reapply for re-admission (See chart above in Continuing Student).


Hold a bachelor's degree and admitted to a master's degree, credential, or certificate program. A new post baccalaureate student qualifies for registration as a New Student for the first term. A Cal Poly student admitted to a post baccalaureate program will not be allowed to register for more than one term without proof of bachelor's degree completion. Courses taken during that term will not automatically apply toward post baccalaureate work without special approval.


(2nd Bachelor's Student) Students that hold a bachelor's degree and admitted to pursue a second bachelor's degree or to enroll for professional development courses. Students fall under the same rules as other undergraduate students for honors and register as a New Student the first term and then as a Continuing Student.


First-time freshman, first-time transfer student from another college, or first term in a post baccalaureate program. (You do not qualify if you are a California resident aged 60 or older, a CSU intra-system visitor, or a transitory student who has been admitted for one term only.)


If you are in a program which qualifies you for Special Exceptions registration, confirm with your sponsor that your name and correct ID number have been submitted to the Office of the Registrar at least two weeks before registration begins.


Admitted to the university and have not yet been awarded an initial bachelor's degree.


Students that have not met the Degree Planner requirement are assigned the last registration appointment and are not eligible to receive a special exception appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been allowed a special exception, or I am registered with Disability Resource Center. Will I still get to register before anyone else?

Yes, students with disabilities (prior approval required), special exceptions, and new students will still register first. The next group to register will be graduate students, then continuing undergraduates, and finally, any Degree Planner non-compliant students.

Do I have to use Degree Planner?

Yes, if you are in an Undergraduate degree program. If you do not log in to Degree Planner at least once every term, you will be placed in the last registration appointment time, regardless of your actual academic progress level percentage.

How will this affect me if I go into a Blended program?

Once you are in a Blended program, you will be considered a Graduate student, and will be able to register after special exceptions and new students, and before graduating seniors. However, until the Office of the Registrar processes your paperwork to put you into the Blended program, you will still be given an appointment based on your actual academic progress level percentage with continuing undergraduates.

How will this affect me if I am attending Cal Poly part-time?

Your registration appointment time will still be based on your actual academic progress level percentage, regardless of your enrollment status (full-time or part-time).

How will this affect me if I am studying abroad?

While you are abroad, your actual academic progress level will consider your study abroad placeholder units (IP 300, AP 300, DE 300) as degree-applicable units. This will allow you not to fall behind in your actual academic progress level, so that your registration when you return will not be negatively affected. Once your international transcripts are received and evaluated by Cal Poly, your actual academic progress level percentage and future registration appointment time will be updated with the actual degree-applicable units that you earned while abroad, the next time the gauge is updated.

How will this affect me if I take work at a community college over the summer?

Transfer work taken over the summer will be processed in time to affect your registration in February, for spring quarter.

Your actual academic progress level considers completed transfer work, final Cal Poly grades, and Cal Poly work-in-progress. Completing degree requirements at Cal Poly benefits your academic progress level right away, even if you have not finished the courses (see FAQs above). Cal Poly also allows students to complete degree requirements by taking courses elsewhere. Because it is important to treat all students equitably, and because transcripts come in at different times from different schools, your actual academic progress level will benefit from transfer work, if you take advantage of this opportunity, but on a longer timeline than that for Cal Poly work. This timeline also ensures that all Cal Poly paperwork (see FAQ above) will be fully processed for all students, to affect their academic progress level accurately and equitably.

What about a course taken at a community college in a term other than summer?

If you take a course at a community college during the regular academic year, the timetable will be comparable to that of courses taken over the summer. If you complete a course during fall quarter or semester, it will affect your academic progress gauge in May, for fall quarter registration. Courses taken during winter or spring quarter, or a spring semester, will affect your gauge in October, for winter registration. Note: you should submit transcripts as soon as possible after grades are finalized, to ensure that they reach our office in time to meet these processing timelines.

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