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Office of the Registrar Forms

Form Processes

Please refer to the following paperwork processing instructions. Instructions will depend on the form format. The format of each individual form is specified in parentheses next to the title of the form below (forms will appear in PDF, E-Form, or PowerForm format):


PDF forms

  • Forms will need to be downloaded and emailed to those who need to sign and approve the request. Once all signatures or approvals have been collected via email, send the email string and completed form to by the deadline specified on the form.
  • If a form cannot be downloaded directly from this website, please follow the specific instructions that appear next to each form below.


  • To complete an E-Form, click on the title of the form below. You will be directed to the Student Form Request page.
  • When you complete and submit the Student Form Request, your major College Advising Center will begin the requested form on your behalf.
  • You will receive an email in your Cal Poly email account once your major College Advising Center has initiated your E-Form. Please follow the instructions found in that email.


  • PowerForms are E-Forms that do not need to be initiated by your major College Advising Center.
  • When you complete your PowerForm, please be sure the Cal Poly email addresses you specify are perfectly accurate.
  • When you hit "Submit," you will receive an email in your Cal Poly email account with an Adobe Sign copy of the form you need to complete. Please follow the instructions found in that email.


Department-Specific Forms

  • There are several department-specific forms that were not created by the Office of the Registrar (Minor Declarations and Applications, ICS Declarations, etc.). You should contact your Department or College for more information about these forms.


Academic Progress and Records

For information about how certain types of forms affect your Expected Academic Progress gauge (and so your registration appointment), refer to Evaluations Form and Transcript Processing Timeline.


Registration, Enrollment and Personal Information


Withdraws (Course and Term), Absences and Departures


Veteran Forms

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