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Newly Admitted Transfer Students

Welcome to Cal Poly! The Office of the Registrar and your College Advising Centers are here to support you in registering for classes. Please make sure to review and save the dates for registration - A Transfer Student Guide To Register For Your First Quarter At Cal Poly.

After a transfer student is admitted, the Evaluations Unit of the Office of the Registrar will evaluate previous college work in relation to Cal Poly requirements. Transfer students will receive an email from Evaluations that their evaluation has been completed. At that time, students will be able to access their Degree Progress Report via the Student Center on their Cal Poly Portal. They cannot access the Degree Progress Report prior to that time, nor can Evaluations provide specific information about credit prior to that time.

Degree Progress Report

The Degree Progress Report will be available to transfer students prior to the date of transfer student registration in August and serves as the basis for determining remaining requirements for the student’s specific objectives. The Degree Progress Report is available throughout a student’s Cal Poly career to track progress toward the degree. For additional information about the DPR, please refer to the following pages:

Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions have been created to assist you as you register for your first term at Cal Poly:

Where can I find out how my classes transferred to Cal Poly?

If you sent transfer course transcripts and test scores to Cal Poly by end of day on July 15, you will receive an email from letting you know that your transfer/test scores have been fully processed and your Degree Progress Report (DPR) is available. This report will show you how your classes transferred to Cal Poly and your overall progress toward completing your degree. Your Degree Progress Report is located on the Academics tab on your portal under the block titled "General Degree Resources". You will receive said email prior to your fall enrollment appointment.

If you submitted transcripts/test scores AFTER the July 15 deadline, rest assured that the Evaluations Unit of the Office of the Registrar makes every effort to process transcripts/test scores as quickly as possible (an “RP” notation in your Degree Progress Report indicates that your transfer credit is actively being evaluated). However, your credit evaluation may not be finalized before you register for the fall term. If you have questions, you should work with an Academic Advisor in your College Advising Center to review your planned fall schedule in anticipation of the final processing of your transcripts/test scores.

Course Transfer Equivalence

Transfer students attending California Community Colleges or CSUs may refer to articulation agreements on ASSIST, which equate individual courses to Cal Poly major and support courses. ASSIST also provides CSU General Education lists. For information on using ASSIST to determine Cal Poly credit, please review our “How to Use ASSIST?” page. Some major/support courses may need to be petitioned through the student’s major department if articulation agreements are not in place in ASSIST or if classes were taken at a private institution, a UC, or out-of-state. Evaluations will convert semester units of credit to quarter units by multiplying semester-unit totals by one and one-half.

Note: Transfer students with Advanced Placement credit must have their scores sent to Cal Poly directly from the College Board; notation of AP exams on a college transcript is not sufficient for Cal Poly to award credit. It is recommended that students do this as soon as possible, in order for the transfer evaluation to be as complete and accurate as possible, and in order to satisfy registration prerequisites.

Which courses should I enroll in for fall?

Your major has provided a list of courses they recommend for your fall registration.

First, find your college:

You will have time during your assigned SLO Days in August to connect with your advisor and department to review these course lists and get questions answered prior to your registration. 

When can I register for fall classes?

You will be able to register during your fall enrollment appointment. Your specific enrollment appointment (aka, your assigned registration time) can be found in your Student Center.

To review other important dates, please visit the Planning Calendar for the term.

How do I enroll in courses at Cal Poly?

How to Register for Classes

Step 1: Degree Planner

Degree Planner is a degree planning tool which provides you with a personalized, pre-populated path to graduation. Your path contains a sequence of courses that you are encouraged to regularly adjust. For detailed instructions on using Degree Planner, visit Degree Planner General Information.

Data from Degree Planner is used by each academic department to estimate which classes are in most demand for the upcoming year, which is why keeping your Degree Planner accurate and up-to-date is vital.

Locate Degree Planner within your Student Center in your My Cal Poly Portal. Your Student Center will appear on the left-hand side of your portal under your "My Apps."

Please note: Degree Planner is a planning tool that informs the faculty on which classes to offer for an upcoming term. It does not enroll you in the classes you choose, nor does it guarantee you a seat. For assistance with the registration process, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder works with Degree Planner to create a seamless user experience for planning and registration. All planned courses from your Degree Planner are automatically imported into Schedule Builder for a simplified registration process. For detailed instructions on using Schedule Builder, visit Schedule Builder General Information.

Schedule Builder allows you to build your desired schedule, save your favorites, and enroll in classes directly in the platform for the upcoming quarter. Like Degree Planner, it resides within the Student Center. Locate Schedule Builder within your Student Center in your My Cal Poly Portal. Your Student Center will appear on the left-hand side of your portal under your "My Apps."



How to Add and Drop Classes

The “add/drop period” is the first 8 days of instruction of the quarter, during which students can continue to add and/or drop classes from their schedule. After this period, adding and dropping classes is not allowed, although, students can “withdraw” from a class(es) under specific circumstances (see below).

Withdrawal Policy

Between the end of the regular add/drop period and the last day of instruction, a student must petition to withdraw from a course for a "serious and compelling" or "emergency" reason. For details on this process, as well as to learn how to withdraw from an entire term, see Drops, Withdraws, and Leaves.

If you have additional questions about your first quarter registration, please refer to Academic Advising's A Transfer Students Guide to Register For Your First Quarter At Cal Poly.

What are the different ways that classes are being offered at Cal Poly?

There are six different modalities of instruction being offered at Cal Poly:

  • Synchronous
  • Asynchronous
  • Sync/Async Hybrid
  • In Person
  • In Person/Sync Hybrid
  • In Person/Async Hybrid

For definitions of modalities and instructions on how to search for classes by modality of instruction in Schedule Builder, please visit the Schedule Builder webpage.

I have questions about how to use Schedule Builder. Is there anyone I can speak with?

Schedule Builder will be reviewed in detail during SLO Days in August. The Office of the Registrar will present a general introduction to the tool and allow ample time to answer questions. Please review all the frequently asked questions and video tutorials outlined on the Schedule Builder webpage to begin familiarizing yourself with the platform.

Degree Planner is a degree planning tool which provides you with a personalized, pre-populated path to graduation. Your path contains a sequence of courses that you are encouraged to regularly adjust to accurately reflect your future plans. Because coursework is still being posted for fall term, you may see discrepancies between PLANNED courses and what you intend to take. You should work with an Academic Advisor in your college for guidance on recommended coursework for your first term at Cal Poly. Once you log in and begin to use Degree Planner to plan future terms, you will see a higher level of accuracy in interaction between Degree Planner and Schedule Builder.

Please use the following links as additional resources during your transition to Cal Poly:

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