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Transfer Credit Evaluations

Submitting Transfer Credit to Evaluations


Currently Enrolled Cal Poly Students:

Refer to Evaluations Form and Transcript Processing Timeline for information about when we process transfer work for current Cal Poly students. Once the official transcript has been evaluated, courses will be added to the student’s record and will be viewable on the Degree Progress Report.

Transfer work received after the last day of classes will be evaluated after the Expected Academic Progress (EAP) gauge updates the next quarter; we will make every effort to do so before registration begins, in order to help students meet prerequisites.


Requesting Transcripts from Other Schools:

Once you have completed course(s) from another institution, please request for them to send your official transcript to:

Cal Poly
Transcript Processing
MC 1001
1 Grand Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407


Cal Poly will accept transcripts received via Parchment. If your school is registered with Parchment, please select Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as your institution and your transcripts will be sent directly to us.

If your institution provides certified electronic transcripts through a provider other than Parchment, please have those transcripts sent directly from your institution to

Final Transcripts Required:

The Evaluations Unit requires students to send transcripts from ALL external colleges and universities where enrollment has occurred, even if those courses are not needed to count towards the Cal Poly degree. The Evaluations Unit will not award a student’s degree until all transcripts are sent with final grades/resolution. Final grades/resolution may be a letter grade, a grade of W, or the removal of the course from the transcript. If a transcript is received with “in progress” grades, Evaluations will hold for the final grades/resolution, even if a student withdraws or fails.


Articulation and ASSIST

ASSIST is the official transfer and articulation system for California’s public colleges and universities.

Course articulation agreements up to and including the 2019-2020 academic year are currently published and available, including agreements between Cal Poly and all California Community Colleges.

To search for articulation, choose an Academic Year, select Cal Poly (“California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo”) as the home Institution, and a Community College from the Other Institutions drop-down menu.

Once you have established your choices, you have access to course-to-course articulation and CSU Transferable, GE-Breadth and US History, Constitution, and American Ideals courses for the Community College.

Course-to-course articulation can be viewed three different ways:

  1. Articulation by Major
    • By Major agreements contain helpful transfer information and online resources, as well as listing lower-division courses pertinent to that major.
  2. Articulation by Department
    • By Department will list courses alphabetically, by prefix. This view may show courses under a variety of prefixes. For example, Biological Sciences lists Biology (BIO), Microbiology (MCRO), and Marine Biology (MSCI) courses, as they all reside within that department.
  3. Articulation by Prefix
    • By Prefix will show articulation for that specific subject prefix. For example, MATH for Mathematics.
    • Please note, when searching for specific articulation by Prefix, you should remember to check all associated prefixes. For instance, a Community College Mathematics course may articulate with a Cal Poly STAT course rather than a MATH course.

It is recommended all agreements be used in conjunction with the Cal Poly Catalog, which will indicate the most up-to-date curriculum, and the Transfer Selection Criteria, indicating up-to-date course listings required for competitive admission.

ASSIST is only one resource available to transfer students. It is important to also seek the guidance of a college counselor when developing a transfer plan.


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