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Transfer Credit Evaluations

Submitting Transfer Credit to Evaluations

Currently Enrolled Cal Poly Students:

Refer to Evaluations Form and Transcript Processing Timeline for information about when we process transfer work for current Cal Poly students. Once the official transcript has been evaluated, courses will be added to the student’s record and will be viewable on the Degree Progress Report.

Transfer work received after the last day of classes will be evaluated after the Expected Academic Progress (EAP) gauge updates the next quarter; we will make every effort to do so before registration begins, in order to help students meet prerequisites.

Helpful Websites

Cal Poly catalog information on evaluation of transfer credit.

For more information on taking summer school classes, refer to

Requesting Transcripts From Other Schools:

Once you have completed course(s) from another institution please request for them to send your official transcript to:

Cal Poly State University
Admission Office (01-206)
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407


I am going home for the summer and I plan to attend classes at the local community college. How do I find out if the class(es) will transfer over to Cal Poly?

— If you want to take a major or support course, check the ASSIST website for an articulation agreement between Cal Poly and the other college.

— If it's a GE course you want, go to ASSIST, and select the college you will attend. Click on "CSU GE-Breadth Certification List", select by 'Area' and match the Area Titles (not the Area #s).

— If the course or type of course or college you want to go to is not on the ASSIST list, please check with your Advising Center, major dept advisor or the Evaluations Unit of the Office of the Registrar (805-756-2396). After you have reviewed the ASSIST website and/or you know that an articulation agreement does not exist, you may attempt to obtain the appropriate course substitution form from your major department and obtain the appropriate signatures.

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