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Student Center

Student Center is where you:

  • Register for classes
  • View Appointments
  • Change Address
  • Financial Aid

To access Student Center click on Student Center in the Single Click Links on the Cal Poly portal.

Students are responsible for knowing what classes they are enrolled in and should print class schedules after making any changes.

For assistance with your User ID and/or password, please contact the Help Desk at 805-756-7000 or visit the IT Service desk.

I want to . . .

Look up classes that are offered this quarter

Plan a Student Schedule (PASS) is an online scheduling system that allows students to plan their schedules for the upcoming quarter. Create and save multiple schedule options prior to your registration appointment using PASS through the portal. For more information, please see the PASS page.

Add a class

Students can add open classes starting on their registration enrollment appointment time through the last day of open enrollment on their Student Center. A permission number must be entered to add a class once classes begin.

Add a Class demo

Add a class

Add a Class - with a Lab demo

Add Class with lab

Add a Class - with a Permission Number demo

Add class with permission number

Drop a class

Classes can be dropped through the eighth day of instruction. It is the student's responsibility to verify their schedule and drop unwanted courses before the drop deadline via Student Center. If you are enrolled in the wrong class or section at the end of the term, you will receive a failing grade of “F” or “WU”. Following the end of the drop period, if you wish to withdraw from a class, you must do so by submitting a course withdrawal petition with approval signatures. Refer to the Withdrawal Information page for details.

You MAY be dropped by an instructor for one of the reasons listed below:

  • Failure to attend the 1st class meeting: If you are unable to attend the first class meeting, prior arrangements should be made with the instructor. If you do not contact the instructor, you could be dropped. The instructor can drop student from class if a student is not present at the end of the first class meeting of a lecture, laboratory or activity class. If enrolled in a lab/lecture combination, be sure to attend both courses during the first session. If you attend the lecture on the first day but miss the laboratory session, or vice versa, you may be dropped from both.
    Do not assume that you will be dropped from a class. It is the student's RESPONSIBILITY to drop all unwanted classes.
  • Failure to meet course requirements: Some classes have special pre-requisites or restrictions, require department or instructor consent, or are reserved for majors only. See the Cal Poly Catalog for course details.
  • Canceled classes: Students will be automatically removed/dropped from canceled classes and notified via their Cal Poly e-mail address.

Drop a Class demo

Drop a class

Swap a class

Click on the Swap tab. Choose the class you wish to swap out of and enter the class number you wish to swap into and click Submit. You will receive either a “success” or “fix errors” message.

If the class you want to swap into has a waitlist, you will receive the option to waitlist. Click “okay to waitlist” to be added to the waitlist. If enrolled from the waitlist, the system will automatically drop you from the class you indicate and add you to your preferred class.

Swap Class demo

Swap a class

Swap Class with Permission Number demo

Swap a class with permission number

Swap Class with Waitlist demo

Swap a class with Waitlist

Edit a Class/Change a class to credit/no credit grading

The Edit feature is used to change the grading option of a class or change the unit value in a variable unit class.

Students must make their credit / no-credit selections by the deadline on the eighth day of instruction. For this specific date, please refer to the Student Planning Calendar for the appropriate term.

Each student is responsible for monitoring the requirements/limitations below:

  • Maximum of four units towards major/support area, if allowed by major department (see the curriculum display in the catalog to determine if your major allows credit/no-credit grading; most do not).
  • Maximum of four units towards GE courses. Remaining units (to a maximum of 16) may be used for elective units.
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that these limitations are met. Student Center does not restrict the ability to inappropriately enroll in major, support and general education courses on a credit/no credit basis.
  • If a student is not qualified to take a class for credit/no-credit based on the above requirements, but has incorrectly selected credit/no-credit grading (e.g., a second GE course) the actual letter grade earned for the class will be reinstated by the Evaluations Unit. Please contact Evaluations to make this change, which can be done as soon as the error is discovered.

Edit a Class - Changing Lab Sections demo

Change Lab section

Edit a Class - Choosing Credit/No Credit Option demo

Edit class credit or no credit

Edit a Class - Variable Unit Changes demo

Changing Units

Maximum Units

Students are allowed to register for 16 units during the first round. The MAXIMUM UNITS increases to 22 units during the second round of registration.

If a student wishes to enroll in more than the maximum number of units allowed, permission must be obtained from the major advisor or department head. An Excess Unit Request Form can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar and must be submitted before the deadline to add classes. Office of the Registrar will process the form as soon as it is received to facilitate the student's enrollment in the additional class(es)/unit(s). The student may then add the approved excess units using their Student Center.

Add a class via Permission number

Permission numbers are required to add classes once classes begin through the eighth day of instruction (the add/drop period) and are obtained from the instructor. Permission numbers can also override class requisites (requirement) if the instructor or department.

More on Permission numbers


Waitlists begin when the enrollment for a course is closed. Once a course is closed and a waitlist has started students can only enroll from the waitlist. Waitlists also begin when seats in a course are reserved for certain student populations (i.e., purchased with college based fees). Students that meet the criteria for the reserved seats can enroll in the course and others are added to a waitlist. PASS will show an open course with seats available and a waitlist.

PASS will also show available seats and a waitlist when students have dropped the course but the waitlist has not yet “run” for the night. The waitlist runs nightly from the beginning of the Registration Rotation appointments through the Thursday prior to the start of each quarter, which is also the last day the waitlist is viewable on a Class Schedule. Print your Class Schedule on or prior to that day to keep a record of waitlist positions and course information.

Students can waitlist for as many units as they like but need to be aware of the following limitations:

  • Students cannot waitlist for the same lecture section or the same lab section more than once (i.e., cannot waitlist a CHEM 111-01 lecture with more than one lab section for that course).
  • Students can waitlist for multiple sections of the same class if it does not have a related component, but when the student is enrolled from the waitlist they will be dropped from the other sections.

How to Waitlist

Enter class number. Once it appears in shopping cart, click on the class. Check “wait list if class is full” when enrolling. Students will see their waitlist position at the time of enrollment and their position change when students are enrolled from the waitlist. Students are notified via email when enrolled from a waitlist. If a student does not meet the requisites for the course they will receive an error message.

Please be aware that the waitlist will not enroll you in a course if any of the following exist:

  • Time conflict with your existing Class Schedule.
  • Registration hold.
  • Enrolled in another section of the class.
  • Exceed either 16 or 22 unit enrollment limits.
  • Note: The last day waitlisted classes show in the Student Center is the last day of open enrollment.

Take care of a hold

Students can see if they have a hold on their Student Center. Holds can be placed for academic or other university obligations that have not been met. Holds can prevent registration, ordering official transcripts, and use of facilities, services, and materials until cleared. To clear a hold students must contact the department that placed the hold.

Audit a class

An auditor is a student who attends a course and receives no credit for the course. Enrollment as an auditor is subject to permission of the instructor.

Petition to Audit forms can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar, Bldg. 1/222. Approved forms must be returned to the Office of the Registrar for processing by 5:00 p.m. on the eighth day of instruction of the quarter.

More Information on Audits from the Catalog.

Degree Progress Report (DPR)

Commonly called the “degree audit,” it indicates which requirements have been satisfied and which ones still must be completed.

Directions for using DPR

Pay for tuition

Please visit the Student Accounts website for information on registration fees. Failure to pay within the required time-frame will result in a hold being placed on your account and classes being dropped. Students that initiate registration after their alpha rotation appointment and during Open Enrollment period will incur a $25 late registration fee.

Repeat a course

Undergraduate students that earn C- or less may repeat up to a maximum of 16 units for one time grade forgiveness and an additional 18 units for GPA improvement. Repeat adjustments are made automatically at the end of the term in which the course is repeated. For further requirements and exceptions, please refer to the Office of the Registrar web page under Repeating a Course

Catalog information on repeating a course

Change/update my address information

Current students must change/update their address information through the portal ~ go to

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on the “Personal Info” tab.
  3. Click on the “Edit” button beside the address that needs to be updated.
  4. Change the data.
  5. Click Save.

The portal is available to students one year (four terms) after their last enrolled term at Cal Poly. If you have been away from Cal Poly for more than four terms, mail or fax your address change request to: Cal Poly, Office of the Registrar, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 or Fax: 805-756-7237.

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