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Graduate Student Information

More information at the Graduate Programs website.

Graduate Credit Taken as an Undergraduate

Undergraduates are not permitted to take courses in the 400–500 series for graduate credit until they are within 12 quarter units of graduation. Students, who subsequently enter a graduate program at Cal Poly, may petition to receive graduate credit for up to nine units of such course work, provided the courses were not used toward the baccalaureate degree. Students should verify the applicability of such credit toward their graduate objective.

Formal Study Plan

Students shall file a formal study plan before the twelfth unit of work is completed. The formal study plan is an agreement between the student and the school in the specific requirements to be completed in order to receive a Master's degree.

Amendment to the Formal Study Plan

If the courses listed on the Formal Study Plan change, you will be required to complete an Amendment to the Formal Study Plan. The from is available at your department Coordinator's Office or The Office of Research and Graduate Programs. Once The Amendment to the Formal Study Plan is completed obtain approval from Adviser, Coordinator, Dean and Research and Graduate Studies Department.

Advancement to Candidacy

Advancement to candidacy recognizes that the student has demonstrated the ability to operate at and sustain a level of scholarly competence which is satisfactory for successful completion of the degree requirements. The student is then cleared for the final stages of the program. The student must request the advancement to candidacy after filing a formal study plan and satisfying the graduation writing requirement but before starting the thesis, project, or examinations.

Requesting Graduation Evaluation- Instructions on when and how to request your graduation evaluation.

Graduation with Distinction

Those candidates for master's degrees who attain a grade point average which is in the upper ten percent of those graduating in their major in that academic year, and whose grade pint average is 3.75 or better, may upon the recommendation of the college dean be designated as "Graduating with Distinction".

Blended BS+MS Programs

Blended programs provide an accelerated route to a graduate professional degree, with simultaneous conferring of both bachelor's and master's degrees. Most blended programs allow for the possibility of student's earning graduate credit for several of their senior electives, effectively decreasing the summed unit requirements for both degrees. Blended programs provide a seamless process whereby students can progress from undergraduate to graduate status without having to apply through the Admissions Office (thereby eliminating the need to pay an application fee). In addition blended BS+MS programs provide a meaningful capstone experience that in most cases integrates the senior project with the graduate thesis/project. For more information, visit the Graduate Programs web site.

Curriculum Substitutions

Information on course substitutions, GE substitution petitions, special consideration petitions, etc.

Repeating a course

Students may enroll in a course for credit more than once only if the catalog course description states that the course may be repeated for credit. An exception to this policy allows repeating of a course in cases where a grade of D or F was received. However, for graduate students both grades will be reflected in the calculation of the grade point average. Graduate students are not eligible to repeat courses and remove the lower grade points from calculation of the GPA.

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