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Degree Progress Report (DPR) Information

The Degree Progress Report (DPR) is a vital tool that should be ran at least once per quarter to track your progress to degree. The Evaluations Unit uses the Degree Progress Report to post your degree so it is important to make sure the courses you have and will be taking are fulfilling the requirements you expected in your DPR.

For more information see the Degree Progress Report Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will Evaluators review each students' DPR?

Evaluators will review DPR for accuracy at the time of a transfer evaluation, major change, Add­-On transcripts (transfer work taken after initial matriculation), petitions, Advisor Approved Electives (AAE)/Technical Electives (TE)/ICS Concentrations/Minor Electives.

Why does the Poly Profile show a total number of units that differs from the DPR?

BE AWARE: The DPR treats Work In Progress (WIP) as if already com­pleted and calculates those units in the totals. This includes work for the current term and also the next quarter, if registration has oc­curred.

What is “Course Credits Not Used-counted”?

This section in some ways replaces the “Free Electives” portion of the curriculum sheet. All courses not used to satisfy a particular require­ment in the main body of the DPR will appear here, as will excess units from transfer work. If the student declares a minor(s), the “Free Elec­tives” that apply to the minor will show in the minor section of the degree audit; they will not appear in Course Credits Not Used-counted. If neces­sary, you can refer to the View Higher Education Credits Detail link on the Profile or the External Credit tab on the audit to identify excess units from transfer courses.

What is “Course Credits Not Used-NOT counted”?

This section lists coursework that is NOT DEGREE APPLICABLE such as “Excluded” Repeats, F’s and WU’s

What about non-baccalaureate work?

The DPR does not count non-bacc work toward requirement or unit totals.

For a double major, both majors dis­play in the Current Academic Objective box, but only one shows up in the re­quirements area. Why?

The audit is able to display require­ments for a primary major. The sec­ondary major cannot display at this time. You can refer to the audit for the primary major, but be aware that the GE pattern shown is only for the primary major.


After checking out the information provided above, if you have questions Contact Evaluations:

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