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Grading Information in the Catalog

The Catalog has more information on Grading including information on Grading Symbols, Credit/No Credit Grading Policy, Repeats. See Advising for more about Academic Probation and Disqualification.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculations

Your grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total number of units attempted whether or not they were passed (but excluding “CR/NC” courses and those in which administrative grades were assigned except for the “U”/“WU”), into the number of grade (quality) points earned. All courses required by a major, including those in other departments, must be included in the calculation of the major GPA.

“RP” and “I” grades and units are not included in your GPA calculation. If an “RP” or “I” grade becomes an “F” because you did not complete the course work within the specified time frame, the “F” will be included in your GPA calculation in the quarter in which the “RP” or “I” changes.

“WU” grades are regarded the same as “F's” in your GPA calculation.

“RD,” “AU,” and “W” grades are not included in your GPA.

Mustang Success Center information on grade calculation.

Grade Changes

A grade may be changed to correct a clerical error or an error in the calculation of a grade. Grade changes cannot be processed for additional work performed or examination beyond the established course requirements, and grade changes can only be initiated and submitted by faculty (never students).

Approval for grade changes may also be granted based on the following conditions and circumstances with sufficient student documentation: personal illness, family emergency, and/or the student’s inability to communicate with the instructor prior to the 20% of instruction remaining point in time for the term.

Recourse for an Inappropriate Grade

For student's questioning a grade received in a course, they should first contact the instructor to attempt to resolve the problem. If still not satisfied, the student should discuss the issue with the chair of the department in which the course is offered. If the issue is not resolved, please consult with the dean or associate dean of the school in which the course is offered. If all previous actions fail, the student has the option of writing a detailed letter to the Chair of the Fairness Board. Details and procedure relating to the operation of the Fairness Board may be obtained from the Campus Administrative Manual located in department offices, library, Academic Senate Office, or from the Office of Student Affairs.

To contact the Fairness Board, please visit the Fairness Board web page.


Dean's Honors List

The Dean's List is compiled at the end of each quarter to recognize undergraduate students who have completed 12 or more letter-graded units at Cal Poly during the quarter with a 3.5 grade point average or better for that term.

President's List

The President's List is compiled at the end of each university year to recognize those undergraduate students who have demonstrated consistent achievement, as represented by being named on the Dean's Honors List for any three of the four quarters of the university year. The university year begins with summer quarter.

Honors at Graduation

Candidates for bachelor's degrees with Cal Poly grade point averages indicated below will be awarded honors at graduation. The GPA is officially calculated at the time the student has completed graduation requirements and will be noted on the student's official transcript.

The three honors categories are as follows:

  • Summa cum laude – 3.850 Cal Poly cumulative GPA
  • Magna cum laude – 3.700 Cal Poly cumulative GPA
  • Cum laude – 3.500 Cal Poly cumulative GPA

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