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Degree Planner

Degree Planner is a degree planning tool which provides you with a personalized, pre-populated path to graduation. Your path contains a sequence of courses that you are encouraged to regularly adjust to accurately reflect your future plans.


Simplified Planning

Degree Planner automatically generates and updates your plan regularly based on your personal academic progress. It recognizes important factors, such as prerequisite and term typically offered information. You are able to view required courses in a clear visual map and seize the opportunity to manage your path to graduation.


Enhanced Registration Experience

Keeping your Degree Planner maintained simplifies the registration process. You can import your planned courses from Degree Planner directly into Schedule Builder. Degree Planner and Schedule Builder are fully integrated tools that create a seamless user experience.


Improved course availability

Degree Planner improves course availability by providing valuable course demand data to Cal Poly. Maintaining an accurate plan improves your odds of getting your desired courses.



When to Log In

To ensure that your planned courses are considered in course demand data for upcoming terms, log into your plan regularly to keep it updated.

Your accuracy helps you graduate on time since Cal Poly can anticipate your plans and ensure that your academic needs are accommodated.
There are incentives for logging in regularly to ensure that your plans are accurate:

  • Registration is simplified when you import your planned courses from Degree Planner into Schedule Builder.
  • Seat capacity is accurately adjusted by departments as they finalize their plans for upcoming terms.
  • Course demand data is reliable when departments strategize future staffing needs.
  • Communication is enabled; departments can proactively alert you regarding unforeseen upcoming course issues (term typically offered changes, staffing shortages, etc.).

*If you plan to take a term off, adjust your term units to zero to signal that you will be away and complete the Undergraduate Informal Time Off form.


Updating and maintaining every term reflected in your Degree Planner can be overwhelming and unhelpful.

Instead, it is recommended that you only plan 2-3 terms ahead. Using the chart below, determine which future terms you should update to best maintain your Degree Planner in the current term.

During this Term: Update these Future Terms:
Fall Winter Spring Summer, if applicable The following Fall
Winter Spring Summer, if applicable Fall The following Winter
Spring Summer, if applicable Fall Winter The following Spring
Summer Fall Winter Spring The following Summer, if applicable


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