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Student Communications

Below is the schedule of emails that the Office of the Registrar routinely sends to students. We are supplying this calendar so that department office staff, faculty, and advisors can anticipate student questions/needs. To see the contents of a particular email, please click on the PDF listed for that email.

Updated 1-12-23

Communication to student Date Sent Sender PDF of sample email*
Individual petition for substitution or exception Daily Evaluations Substitution receipt email
Degree awarded emails Weekly Evaluations Degree awarded
Degree denied emails Weekly Evaluations Degree denied
Email reminding students of upcoming registration information and timeline Prior to the beginning of registration for the next quarter Records TBD
Email regarding New Wait List procedure One week before first day of classes begin each quarter Records Waitlist email
FERPA notice Once a year – Fall quarter only Records FERPA email
Email to students regarding important dates for the term First day of classes each quarter Records Beginning of term email
Email asking students to confirm grad term is correct. Goes to students scheduled to graduate in the current term Second working day of each quarter Evaluations EGT confirmation
Notification of “red” in Degree Progress Report. Goes to next term’s expected grads After first round of registration ends each quarter Evaluations "Red" in DPR email
Asking students if correctly selected credit/no credit for a course(s) Next-to-last day of add/drop Evaluations CR/NC email
Reminder to students to check their class schedule for the term Next-to-last day of add/drop and last day of add/drop - Fall, Winter, Spring Records TBD
Credit/no credit reminder (to catch students who have selected credit/no credit since the day before) Last day of add/drop Evaluations SEE ABOVE
Notification that expected grad term has been set Middle-to-end of 4th week of each quarter Evaluations EGT notification
Email asking students with that expected grad term to verify their name and mailing address for diploma Quarterly- going into finals week Evaluations Verify address/diploma name email
Academic Probation/Disqualification emails to affected students, except those in Freshman Success Program Fully graded term, which is 3 working days after grade rosters due Records

AP notification

DQ notification

Reminder to students about Degree Planner for upcoming term

Sent one day after classes begin Systems Management Degree Planner reminder email
Notification that campus will follow a Monday schedule on a Tuesday First week of Winter quarter
First week of Spring quarter (if applicable)
Scheduling Monday schedule notification
Reminder that campus will follow Monday schedule on a Tuesday 3-4 instructional days before the Tuesday Scheduling SEE ABOVE
Transfer evaluation completed (new fall transfers) Twice-weekly from mid-July to mid-August Evaluations Transfer evaluation complete email

* The PDF copies of sample emails included on this page are subject to revision in real time.

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