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Register for Classes

Know When You Register

Find your Enrollment Appointment.

Check your Student Center for your enrollment appointment date and time about two weeks prior to registration each term.

Plan Your Classes

PolyPlanner is a required planning tool that enables students to select either their course choices or a message for future term. Reference this tool to see what classes you had planned for the respective term.

The Degree Progress Report indicates which degree requirements have been satisfied and which need to be completed.

See more about Degree Progress Report and the DPR guide for an explanation on how to use this resource.

Poly Profile is a student’s unofficial transcript. Students can see AP credit, community college credit, academic progress gauge, and other important academic information

Find Your Classes

Plan A Student Schedule (PASS) is an online scheduling system that shows all course offerings for the quarter. Create and save multiple schedule options prior to your registration appointment using PASS.

Access PASS

Guest PASS can also use to search classes being offered.

The Catalog provides course descriptions, degree requirements, and university policies that impact students.

Register for Classes

Student Center is the tool used to find registration appointment, check for holds, and register for classes.


First Time Freshmen Block Schedule

All first time freshmen will have their fall class schedule created for them. Your class schedule will be based off of your major, survey responses, and credit through Advanced Placement exams, IB, or community college credit.

You will get your block schedule in August and more information will be shared with you at Student Life Orientation Days (SLO Days)

More about your Fall Block Schedule

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