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Degree Progress Report Guide

How to Access and Read your Degree Progress Report (DPR)

Step 1: Log into your Cal Poly Portal.

Step 2: Click on the “Academics” tab.

Academics tab


Step 3: Click on the “Degree Progress Report” link.

Degree Progress button

Step 4: Click on “View My Degree Progress Report”

View DPR button

The first section of the Degree Progress Report lists your Major, Minor, Sub-Plan (Concentration), Graduation Status (if already assigned), Academic Standing, and GPAs.

Your Overall GPA will include grades for classes taken at and also outside of Cal Poly, such as community colleges. Your Cal Poly GPA will only include classes you have taken at Cal Poly.

grade point average summary


Below are key symbols you will see throughout the Degree Progress Report and what some of these symbols mean.

Degree Audit Icons


Below are examples of what you might see on your Degree Progress Report


Requirement Satisfied: This requirement has been satisfied. If there is a green arrow next to the course listed for this requirement, then that means it has been fulfilled with AP/IB/Transfer/Other Credit or through a placement test.


Symbol-Cal Poly course

Requirement Satisfied: If there is a green check mark next to the course listed, that means the requirement was completed through a Cal Poly Graded Course.


Symbol-In progress

In Progress: This means that the requirement is currently being worked on. This usually means you are currently in a class that will satisfy the requirement once it is passed.


Symbol-Not satisfied

Requirement Not Satisfied: This requirement has not been satisfied and is currently not in progress. This means that you have not taken (or are not currently taking) a class that satisfies this requirement.


Exception Mark

This requirement has been satisfied by way of a Special Exception such as Major or Support Substitution, individualized Course of Study, Minor or Approved Electives.


At the bottom of your Degree Progress Report, you will see a list of classes and/or credits which do not satisfy any Major, Support, Concentration, GE, or Minor requirements. These classes/credits will typically be considered “free electives”, if your major includes them in the curriculum.

List of classes

If you would like to see a condensed list of your requirements and their statuses, you can collapse the text in each section by clicking on “Collapse Requirements” near the top of your Degree Progress Report.

Collapse Requirements button

This is what the GE Requirements section will look like once you have collapsed the requirements.

All collapsed

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