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Courses Taken Through Cal Poly Open University

Cal Poly Extended Education is a self-supported program that offers a variety of types of courses to the general public.

The Open University program provides an opportunity for people who are not enrolled Cal Poly students to enroll in most courses offered by Cal Poly. Enrollment is on a "space available" basis, subject to the approval of the instructor and the Department Chair.
The following applies:

  • An admitted student must enroll as a regularly matriculated student his/her first term.
  • A maximum of 36 Open University units may be applied toward a Cal Poly undergraduate degree.
  • If approved by the Graduate Coordinator, graduate students may apply a maximum of 12 non-matriculated units toward the completion of their Cal Poly Master's degree. All units taken outside of matriculation in a Cal Poly Master's program   including Open University units, Special Session units, and units taken at another institution   count toward this maximum.
  • Students may not be enrolled in regular Cal Poly courses and courses through Open University during the same term.
  • Courses will be counted as residential credit.
  • Enrollment in Open University counts towards continuous enrollment at Cal Poly.
  • Academic credit toward the student's matriculated program will be granted automatically.
  • Open University courses will be automatically processed as repeats associated with other Cal Poly courses. (Contact the Office of the Registrar if you have questions.)
  • Registration is handled through the Cal Poly Extended Education Office, with the appropriate fee payment.

For information on registration and fees, contact the Cal Poly Extended Education Office at 805-756-2053.


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