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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

A Summary of FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
A brief synopsis/overview about FERPA.

Use and Release of Student Information Policy
Background on FERPA and a summary of rules that control the release of student information.

Your Privacy Rights: Questions and Answers
Gives answers to common questions regarding the information that the University may disclose and the privacy restrictions that students may place on their records.

Policies and Procedures
Detailed description of the official policies that govern the release of student information at Cal Poly.

Records Maintained by Cal Poly
A list of what type of records are kept and where to go to find them.

2011 FERPA Presentation – An Instructor Focus

FERPA updates
The latest changes to FERPA information.

"FERPA – Is Cal Poly Being Overly Cautious?" - April, 2008
FERPA Newsletter ~ April 2008.

FERPA for Faculty & Staff - A Comprehensive Presentation
A very comprehensive presentation concerning FERPA for the inquiring Faculty or Staff member.


For student employees in Unit 11, directory information also includes the department employed and the status of the student as an academic employee (Teaching Associate (TA), Graduate Assistant (GA) and Instruction Student Assistant (ISA).

An electronic directory server for Cal Poly is currently available and includes: name, major, preferred phone number and e-mail address.

To protect "locator" or "directory information" as described above, make an update on


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