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Degree Planner Exception Request Form

Strict Degree Planner compliance standards are enforced in order to improve course availability. Please reference Frequently Asked Question about Degree Planner for more information about the compliance requirement.

This request form is intended for Degree Planner non-compliant students seeking an exception. You can check your compliance status within PolyProfile beneath “Planned Courses.” 

In order to receive an exception, you must demonstrate that there were circumstances beyond your control which prevented you from meeting the requirement.

These are examples of situations that do not typically warrant an exception:

  • Failing to read or receive emails sent to your official Cal Poly email account concerning Degree Planner guidelines or deadlines. Please note that Cal Poly’s email policy is outlined in the academic catalog:
    • “Campus email is an official method of campus communication to students, and may be used as the sole method of communication for some campus matters… Students are responsible for receiving and reading official email communications in a timely manner and for taking necessary action when appropriate. This also applies when university emails are redirected to a non-university email account.”
  • Refusing to familiarize yourself with the Degree Planner requirement before deadlines.
  • Neglecting to log in because your plans did not change.

Exception requests will be reviewed by a committee daily. The Office of the Registrar will email you concerning the outcome 1-2 business days after your form has been submitted. The committee decisions are final.

Please submit the following form to complete an exception request.



Degree Planner Exception Request Form
Provide a brief summary of the circumstances which prevented you from meeting the Degree Planner requirements and explain why you are non-compliant. If you feel that providing additional documentation will support your request, please provide attachments below.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png pdf.

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