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Event Request Form

Note: A 3-day lead time is required for all reservations. This form will not allow you to submit a request without the required processing time. Additional time may be required based on requested venue.

Requestor Information
Phone number- Please include area code
On Campus Sponsor
Event Information
Final Exam
  • Instructors may request alternative final exams times addition to the regularly-scheduled exam. Instructors must accommodate any student wishing to take the exam at the regularly-scheduled time.
  • Assignments are based on room availability. Requests should fall within the established final exam, three hour time blocks.
  • Review Final Assessment (Exam) policy ( before submitting this request. Failure to do so may result in denial of the request.
Speaker Information
Information Table or Booth
Meeting Information:
Sandwich Board
Special Event/Activity
Must submit 3 days before event.

Please specify your desired dates in the Special Instructions section below.

Food Information

All food and beverage must be purchased from and served by University Catering, or an approved Cal Poly vendor, if alcohol will be served or sold. Cal Poly requires that anyone wishing to sell or distribute alcohol on campus first complete an Alcohol Service Request Form:

For additional information related to University Catering or approved campus caterers, visit the Catering website.

University Catering can be reached at 805-756-1177 or

  • The University recognizes the role of food in the activities of campus departments and students organizations. In an effort to support campus department and student organizations and to ensure the safety of food provided on campus, campus organizations shall adhere to “Event Rules" outlined in section 3 of the Campus Food Services Policy found at
  • This event is considered to be a public event with "potentially hazardous" food, so the following criteria apply:
    • If using Campus Dining contact Catering at 756-1177.
    • A temporary Food Facility Permit must be obtained from Environmental Health and Safety and displayed at the event. The permit application is found at
    • Environmental Health and Safety will inspect food service operation during the activity, which may be shut down if not in compliance.
    • Campus Dining assumes liability and responsibility for compliance with policy/laws for food preparation.
    • Event sponsor assumes liability and responsibility for compliance with policy/laws for food service.
    • No food prepared or stored at home is permitted.
  • For more information regarding food safety and campus policy, contact Environmental Health and Safety at 756-6665 or visit their website at
(use "any" if no preference)
There is no charge for use of University Lecture Rooms between the hours of 7AM and 10PM. The Chartfield account number is requested should the space not be used in compliance with university guidelines. To preview use guidelines for your assigned location, visit 25Live Details (

For information on visitor and sponsored guest parking, refer to the University Police website at

The use of tents and canopies with a combined 200 square feet (two tents tied together) and/or canopies in excess of 400 square feet require a building permit. You will need to submit the plans/layout and permit request a minimum of 30 days in advance to allow for processing through State Fire Marshall. For additional information visit:


Special Instructions

Please print this form for your records *before* submitting it to University Scheduling. You will *not* receive a verification copy of what you send us after you click 'Submit Request'.

You may receive an auto-reply that we've received your request.

Your event has not been approved until you receive an email confirmation with a reference number.

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