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Faculty Grading Instructions


Grade Roster

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must save your entries before exiting the Grade Roster or Faculty Center. If you do not hit "Save," your entries will not be saved and will need to be re-entered when returning to the Grade Roster.

The Grade Roster is where faculty will assign and approve class grades. Your Grade Roster is accessible through your Faculty Center. For more information about how to access and use your Faculty Center, please see the Faculty Center User Guide.

Grade Roster selected in the Faculty Center navigation bar

Grade Rosters become accessible when grading begins (you will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar each quarter notifying you that grading is available). Grade Rosters remain available for past terms but are not accessible for future terms. You will see this message if you attempt to view Grade Rosters for courses which do not have an available Grade Roster:

 "No class selected. Go to My Schedule, select a class and click the Grade Roster icon next to it to get started."

Within your Grade Roster, there is a link to "My Schedule." This is separate from the "My Schedule" that is in your Faculty Center navigation bar. Click the hyperlink in Grade Roster to select a course for grading.

"My Schedule" hyperlink is located in the top left corner of the Grade Roster page or within the warning message for "No class selected." This link can be used to change courses when the "No class selected" warning appears.

Select a Course

Your Grade Roster will automatically open one of your courses for the current or most recent grading term. To change the course or term you are viewing, start by clicking "Change Class":

Change Class Button highlighted in Grade Roster

To continue changing the term, select "Change Term."

Change Term button highlighted in Grade Roster

Select the new term, then click "Continue."

Image shows the options for selecting a new term in Grade Roster. This includes past terms, the current term, and may include the upcoming grading term, but a warning message will appear if the Grade Roster is not available yet.

Finally, select the Grade Roster icon to the left of the class you want to open.

The Grade Roster icon is a purple figure standing in front of a board.

Grade Roster icons highlighted in the column to the left of the classes.

You will be transported to that course's Grade Roster.

Example of an open Grade Roster showing the course information, "Display Options" box, "Grade Roster Action" box, and the "Student Grade" table with no grades input yet. (Part 1)

Continued example of a Grade Roster showing the bottom portion of the screen. This includes buttons such as "Import Canvas Grades," "Printer Friendly Version," "Select All," "Clear All," "Add this grade to selected students," and "Save."

Manually Inputting Grades

After selecting a course, you can begin entering grades.

To manually input grades, use the drop-down menu in the "Roster Grade" column of the "Student Grade" table. The example below is for a class with regular grading (i.e., letter grades). For classes that are Credit/No Credit, the drop-down would include "CR" and "NC."

 A, A-, B, B+, B-, C, C+, C-, D, D+, D-, F, I, RP, WU

NOTE: If a student has advised you that they have selected CR/NC grading, you will still need to enter a letter grade to submit your Grade Roster. The system will automatically convert it to CR or NC on the individual student's record.

Incomplete (I) grades require an Incomplete Grade Agreement. Report in Progress (RP) is reserved for when an instructor does not have enough time to calculate the grade and will need to change the grade later. Report Delayed (RD) can only be assigned by an administrator in the case that an instructor did not or is unable to submit grades. An Authorized Withdrawal (W) must be initiated by the student. An Unauthorized Withdrawal (WU) can be input by the instructor. When WU is assigned, the "Student Grade" table will add a "Last Date of Attendance" column. You must input the last date the student attended your class.

Another option for inputting grades is to use the "Add this grade to selected students" button. Simply click on the checkboxes in the left column of the Student Grade list for students whom you are assigning the same grade. You can also use the "Select All" and "Clear All" buttons instead. Then select the grade they should all receive using the drop-down menu at the bottom of the Grade Roster, and click the "Add this grade to selected students" button.

Zoom in of the "Add this grade to selected students" button. The grading drop-down menu is directly to the left of this button. "Select All" and "Clear All" are directly above this.

When you are done inputting grades, you MUST click "Save."

In the example below, Student #3 does not have a grade entered. This Grade Roster is considered incomplete because not all the grades are entered.

In the example, Bailey Frost (Student #1) has an "A" entered; Luis Obispo (Student #2) withdrew from the course; and Cal Polytechnic (Student #3) does not have a grade assigned yet.

When trying to save an incomplete roster, a warning message will display. Click "OK" to clear the message and finish saving.

"This Grade Roster is not complete. (30500,2) When all grades have been assigned, please remember to set the Approval Status field to Approved for your grades to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar."

You may continue entering grades or complete it at another time. The grades already entered will be saved.

There is a "Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only" checkbox in the "Display Options" box. When checked, this displays only the students without grades. This is helpful for longer rosters and for checking that all grades have been entered before approval.

"Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only" is selected within the "Display Options" box.

When your roster is complete, you must change the "Approval Status" in the "Grade Roster Actions" box. Use the "Approval Status" drop-down menu to change the Grade Roster's status from "Not Reviewed" to "Approved." Then click the "Save" button directly to the right.

"Grade Roster Action" box with the "Approval Status" drop-down menu. Select "Not Reviewed" or "Approved." Then click "Save."

If you attempt to Approve an incomplete Grade Roster, you will see an error message appear. Click "OK" and change the "Approval Status" back to "Not Reviewed." Complete entering grades before changing the "Approval Status" again.

"All students in the Grade Roster must be graded. (14670,6) All students in the Grade Roster must be graded before it can be approved."

Once all grades are entered and the Approval Status is set to "Approved," you will see the message below:

"Congratulations! You have successfully completed grading for this class. (30500,1)  The grades for this class have been submitted to the Office of the Registrar and will be posted within the next 24 business hours. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 805-756-2532 if you have any questions."

The grading for this course is now complete.

You will see in the "Student Grade" table there is a "Roster Grade" column and an "Official Grade" column. Although grades have been entered and approved, they may be changed on the Grade Roster until the "Official Grade" column is populated. If you need to update grades, be sure to "Approve" and "Save" the Grade Roster once you are finished. To change a grade after "Official Grades" are posted, see Changing Grades.

Repeat the process of entering, approving, and saving grades for all of the courses with the Grade Roster icon.

 a purple figure standing in front of a board.

Importing Grades

To import grades from Canvas, scroll to the bottom of the Grade Roster and click the "Import Canvas Grades" button. 

"Import Canvas Grades" button highlighted in the Grade Roster.

A pop-up message will appear. After reading, click the "Import Grades" button. Administrative grades (I, RP, WU) must be manually entered on the grade roster in your Faculty Center. Please contact the Office of the Registrar @ 805-756-2532, if you have any questions."

If you have already entered some grades manually before importing grades from Canvas, you may get additional pop-up messages:

  • If the grades you entered in the Grade Roster are the same as the grades in Canvas, you will see the following message: "Grade already exists on Roster for: [EMPL ID]. No change."
  • If the grades you input differ from what is in Canvas, the Canvas grades will override the grade you input and the following message will appear: "Grade already exists on Roster for: [EMPL ID] : Changing [PeoplSoft Grade] to [Canvas Grade]"
  • Additionally, if there are any students with a grade in Canvas that are not listed in the Grade Roster, the following message will appear: "Student ID not Found in Grade Roster: [EMPL ID]"

 ... Click [Load] to load new or changing rows into the Grade Roster. Click [Cancel] to not load grades into the Grade Roster. If needed, use the <Print> functionality in the browser to print this page."

NOTE: Students can be listed in Canvas without being in the Grade Roster if both a regular class section and an Open University class section are combined in Canvas. Each roster needs to be graded independently in the Faculty Center. If there are no grades in Canvas to import, then the Grade Roster will populate all grades with F.

Another message will pop up reminding you that the Grade Roster is not complete after importing grades. You will still need to manually input any grades that are Incomplete (I), Report in Progress (RP), or Unauthorized Withdrawal (WU), change the Approval Status to "Approved," and click "Save."

"This Grade Roster is not complete (30500,2) When all grades have been assigned, please remember to set the Approval Status field to Approved for your grades to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar."

Changing Grades

Navigate to "Grade Roster" in your Faculty Center and select the correct course for the grade you need to change.

After "Official Grades" have populated and you are unable to change the "Roster Grades," a new column titled "Change Grade" will appear in the "Student Grade" table. Select "Change Grade" button to the right of the student who requires a grade change.

Change Grade button highlighted in Grade Roster

    You will be taken to the "Change of Grade Request" page in PeopleSoft where you will then be able to change the student's grade.

    Example of a Change of Grade Request (Part 1) includes the student and course information as well as instructions.

    Example of a Change of Grade Request (Part 2) includes the inputs for the instructor to fill out.

    Select the new grade from the looking glass icon to the right of the "Grade Input" field. Then enter the "Date Student Completed Work" (This should be the date that the student completed all necessary coursework requirements). Next, choose the appropriate Reason Code from the drop-down menu. Enter any additional justification for why the grade change was submitted. If more space is needed for explanation, click "Comments." Type in the information; then click "OK" and "Save." Finally, click "Submit" to complete the grade change.

    The "Grade Change Process" field appears once the Change of Grade Request has been submitted.

    Grade Change Process pop-up

    NOTE: If the instructor is also the Department Head/Chair or Associate Dean, those approvals will be skipped.

    If you click on the "Change Grade" button for a student who already had a grade change, you will see the pop-up below. Clicking "Cancel" will allow you to view the previous Change of Grade Request, where you can view the status of the grade change. Click "OK" to create a new request.

    "Completed grade change request exists. Click on OK to create a new request. Click on CANCEL to view the most recent request."

    Incomplete Grade Agreements

    Executive Order 1037 mandates that an Incomplete Grade Agreement be created when the "I" (incomplete) grading symbol is assigned.

    Student Cal Polytechnic has an "I" listed under the "Roster Grade" column. A new column has appeared on the right titled "Incomplete Grade Agreement." The word "Add" is visible in this column for students assigned an "I" grade.

    When an "I" is entered, a new column will appear in the "Student Grade" table. Under the "Incomplete Grade Agreement" column, a hyperlink titled "Add" appears for any student with an "I" assigned. Click "Add." A new PeopleSoft page will open for you to fill out an Incomplete Grade Agreement.

    Example of an Incomplete Contract for student Cal Polytechnic. Necessary boxes for completing the contract are highlighted.

    To fill out the Incomplete Grade Agreement:

    • Reason Code: Select a reason from the drop-down menu that generally summarizes why the student was unable to complete work for the course.
    • Grade Without Further Work: Input the grade the student should receive if the work is not completed as indicated in the contract.
    • Deadline for Completion: This will auto-populate with a date that is 365 days away. After this length of time, the "I" grade will lapse to another grade ("F" or "NC"). If you want to give the student less than 365 days to complete the work, you can enter another date.
    • Description: Please describe in detail what work is required for the student to complete the course.
    • Click "Apply," then "OK."

    Back in the Grade Roster, instead of "Add" appearing in the "Incomplete Grade Agreement" column, the hyperlink will say "Update."

    Student Cal Polytechnic still has an "I" listed under the "Roster Grade" column. Now in the "Incomplete Grade Agreement" column, it says "Update."

    Faculty can now change the Approval Status to "Approved" and save the Grade Roster without issue.

    NOTE: If you do not update the Incomplete Grade Agreement (whether or not the student completed the necessary work) before the "Deadline for Completion," the "I" grade will automatically change to an "F" or "NC" grade. After that, you will need to submit a Change of Grade Request.

    Students can view and accept the terms and conditions of their Incomplete Grade Agreement through their Student Center. Under "Academic Progress," students should select "Grades." The student may need to change the term they are viewing to the term in which they had incomplete work. Students will see a link to "Review Agreement."

    Example of a student with a "Review Agreement" link in their Student Center.

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