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Previous Announcements

2021 Announcements

New Modalities of Instruction

Beginning Fall 2021, six different modalities of instruction are being offered at Cal Poly. Students can see these modality options reflected in their Schedule Builder and Class Search.

Modality definitions and examples can be found on the Schedule Builder webpage (FAQ #9).

Archived COVID-19 Credit/No Credit Allowances

As of Fall 2021, all COVID-19 Credit/No Credit allowances were suspended.

However, previous COVID-19 Credit/No Credit allowances have been archived for reference on the Credit/No Credit Allowances by Major/Graduate Program webpage.

Students, please continue to refer to the current CR/NC allowances and policies listed in the Cal Poly Catalog you are following.

Student COVID-19 Testing Compliance - Ended June 4, 2021

During Spring 2021, if you are unable to access your portal, university applications, classes, and services, it is possible that your single sign-on (SSO) has been restricted due to COVID-19 testing non-compliance.

  • To restore SSO access, visit the Single Sign On Lockout Recovery page.
  • For more information about COVID-19 testing compliance, visit the Testing Compliance Program page.

Degree Planner Compliance

As of Spring 2021, Degree Planner compliance enforcement was suspended. Failing to log into Degree Planner during a term login window will NOT result in a delayed registration appointment.

However, Degree Planner is a tool that benefits you. Your accuracy helps you graduate on time as Cal Poly can anticipate your plans and ensure that your academic needs are accommodated.

To ensure that your planned courses are considered in course demand data for the upcoming terms, log in at least once between the end of Add/Drop for the current term and the end of Add/Drop for the next term (excluding summer). The Add/Drop deadline falls on the 8th business day of each term. Check important dates on the Course Demand Login Calendar or the Office of the Registrar's Calendars and Deadlines page.

2020 Announcements

Degree Planner and Schedule Builder

In April 2020, Cal Poly introduced two new student tools   Degree Planner (replaced PolyPlanner) and Schedule Builder (replaced PASS). Review the Degree Planner and Schedule Builder informational webpages to learn more.

Virtual training opportunities and workshops designed to introduce students to these new tools will be offered periodically. Please visit the Upcoming Training Opportunities calendar for up-to-date information.

GE 2020

As of Summer 2020, General Education at Cal Poly was updated. Review the GE 2020 Comprehensive Guide for more information.

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