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Faculty Portal User Guide


Login to Portal

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your browser. Please also keep in mind that some pop-up blockers and VPNs may cause potential issues.

Cal Poly uses multi-factor authentication, so you may want your Duo Security ready to approve your access. For more information about how to set up your Duo account, please visit ITS: My Cal Poly Portal.

To open My Portal, search in your browser. Enter your Cal Poly username and password.

Cal Poly Portal login screen

You will be prompted to select a method for multi-factor authentication. Before selecting one, click the checkbox for "Remember me for 30 days." Then select an authentication method and approve your access from a second device.

Multi-authentication screen

The Home page of your My Portal will open. Select the Academics tab to view Printable Course Info and Faculty Course Info.

Academics tab of My Portal

Please note that all faculty, staff, and students have access to this tab, and content will vary depending on an individual's role and security access.


Printable Course Info Portlet

In this portlet, faculty have the ability to access and print lists for Enrolled Students, Waitlisted Students, Enrolled & Waitlisted Students, Enrolled Student Photos, and Permissions (when available) for your classes. Lists may be downloaded as PDF or Excel documents.

Information pulled using this method will include the student's name, pronouns, username, EMPL ID (if selected), major, class (senior, junior, etc.), units enrolled, enrollment status, FERPA status, and grade (if available). Information pulled from the Portal is refreshed on a nightly basis. For real-time data, see the Faculty Course Info Portlet.

Printable Course Info portlet

Within the Printable Course Info portlet:

  • Term: Select current or recent past terms from the drop-down menu.
  • Course: Select a course from the drop-down menu.
  • Document Type: Select Enrolled Students (i.e., Class Roster), Waitlisted Students, Enrolled & Waitlisted Students, Enrolled Student Photos, or Permissions. If you are the instructor of record for the non-enrollment section of a course* (e.g., related lab or activity), you will not see permission numbers for your non-enrollment section. See Permission Numbers for more information.
  • File Format: Select your preferred format - PDF or TSV (Excel).
  • Show EMPL IDs: Uncheck this box if you would prefer not to view EMPL IDs.
  • Download: Click this when you are ready to download the file.


Sample of the PDF:

Sample of the PDF download from Printable Course Info

Sample of the TSV (Excel):

Sample of the TSV (Excel) download from Printable Course Info


Faculty Course Info Portlet

Faculty Course Info portlet

Within the Faculty Course Info portlet:

  • Faculty Center: What you can see in your Faculty Center will depend on your role and security access. You will be able to access your class and weekly schedules, class rosters, grade rosters, class search, and be able to lookup students. For more information, please see the Faculty Center User Guide.
  • Academic Catalog: This link will take you to the current catalog. From here, you can search for programs, courses, flowcharts, etc. To view previous catalogs, click "Previous Catalogs" in the right-hand menu of the page.
  • Class Search: This link will take you to Class Search, which is within your Faculty Center.
  • Academic Calendar: This link will take you to all Calendars and Deadlines. Academic Calendars have pertinent dates for staff and faculty, but the Planning Calendars are more detailed.
  • Current Final Exam Schedule: This link goes to the same page as Academic Calendar. Scroll down on the Calendars and Deadlines page to view the Final Exam Schedules.
  • Schedule Builder: This link will take you to the Office of the Registrar's informational page on Schedule Builder. Faculty typically cannot view a student's Schedule Builder through Faculty Center.
  • Grade Change Form: A grade may be changed to correct a clerical error or the error in the calculation of a grade. Grade changes cannot be processed for additional work performed or examination beyond the established course requirements. Please see Faculty Grading Instructions for how to change grades. However, in the event you are unable to change grades through your Faculty Center, you may use this PowerForm.
  • Variable Unit Correction Form: Some courses have variable units, meaning students select how many units in which they would like to enroll. For example, ART 200 is 1-2 units. Faculty can submit a Variable Unit Correction request form to override how many units an individual student enrolls in for their course.


Permission Numbers

Permission numbers (and the ability to select Permissions in the Printable Course Info Portlet) will not show until the 5th day of instruction and will remain until the end of the add/drop period (the 8th day of classes). See Calendars and Deadlines for exact dates.

Example of "Permissions" showing in the "Printable Course Info" portlet

The following guidelines apply to the majority of the courses offered at Cal Poly. All enrollment section classes* require a permission number in addition to the class number in order to enroll from the fifth day of classes until the end of the add/drop period.

Below are sample printouts downloaded from the Printable Course Info Portlet:

  • Top Section: This section contains information about the selected class. In regards to room capacity, larger classrooms must be secured before the enrollment limit can be adjusted.
  • Middle Section: This section indicates if the permission numbers have been used and by whom**. All used permission numbers will be filtered to the top of the list with any unused numbers following.
  • Bottom Section: This section contains duplicates of all unused permission numbers from the middle section in a format intended to be copied and pasted for distributing to students. Students should be reminded to use both the class number and permission number to complete their enrollment in the class. The 'Yes' or 'No' with the permission number indicates whether the permission will override requisites (Yes) or will not override requisites (No). Any system-enforced requisites are noted in the top section.


Sample of the PDF:

Example of the PDF of permissions (Part 1) showing the top and middle sections as describedExample of the PDF of permissions (Part 2) showing the bottom section as described

Sample of the TSV (Excel):

Sample of the TSV (Excel) download from Instructor Permissions

*Enrollment section classes are the primary component of the course, generally. For example, CHEM 127-01 is a lecture course (the enrollment section) and sections 02 through 05 are labs (the non-enrollment sections). If a student requires a permission number to enroll in a non-enrollment section (e.g., lab or activity), they must obtain a permission number from the instructor of the corresponding enrollment section (e.g., lecture).

**Permission numbers are valid until used in a successful enrollment by an individual student. Students may encounter problems when attempting to use permission numbers if: 1) the student does not meet the requisites of the course, 2) the student attempts to enroll in excess units, or 3) the student may have a time conflict. If an error occurs, the student will receive a message indicating why they are unable to successfully enroll in the course. After resolving the restriction, the permission number can be reused to attempt enrollment again. Upon successful enrollment, the permission number will no longer be available for reuse.

NOTE: Classes that have been set up with Student Specific Permissions will remain from the beginning of registration and throughout the add/drop period. Students with Student Specific Permissions do not need/use Instructor Permission Numbers during the add/drop period, as this permission has been granted through the Department office specifically for those students.

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