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Welcome to University Scheduling

University Scheduling, under the Office of the Registrar, is comprised of Class Scheduling and Event Scheduling (Master Calendar). Class Scheduling oversees academic course scheduling, maintenance of the curriculum module of the student administration system, analysis and maintenance of course attributes, and maximizing space utilization. Event Scheduling maintains and manages the campus master calendar, providing accurate information about campus events to both the local and campus communities through collaboration with university administrative and academic units.

Academic Scheduling

University Scheduling determines and enforces uniform scheduling policies and guidelines to ensure each department receives equitable access to university lecture facilities and maximizes class schedule options for students. The academic departments' schedulers plan upcoming terms and communicate changes to our staff, who maintain the campus student administration database.

Event Scheduling

Although academic-related activities have scheduling priority in campus facilities, most are available for use outside class time for campus-affiliated club meetings, study groups, and guest speakers. University Scheduling coordinates usage requests to ensure that facilities are being used within CSU and campus policies and guidelines. We also maintain the campus Master Calendar.

The University has established formal scheduling protocols for events and activities to ensure effective campus coordination and to provide individuals and groups with a means by which to reserve facilities, spaces, equipment, other resources and support services. These scheduling protocols apply to all campus events and activities, including but not limited to speeches, musical and artistic performances and exhibitions, public assemblies and events, marches and parades, non-commercial solicitation and commercial activities.

Campus Facilities and Policies

University Scheduling works with many areas of campus administration and facilities. We've compiled frequently-referenced information with links to campus facility and scheduling policy resources.

Contact Us

University Scheduling office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 12.p.m. and 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
We are located in the Administration Building (01), Room 215. Fax us at 805-756-7237.

  • Susan Olivas, Associate Registrar of Curriculum, Catalog and Scheduling
  • Shayna Bailey, Catalog Editor
  • Michele Reynolds, University Scheduling Lead
  • Cesar Galvez, Master Calendar
  • Vicky Myers, Master Calendar and Academic Scheduling (Summer)
  • Christina Nystrom, Academic Scheduling (Spring)
  • Bianca Uway, Academic Scheduling (Fall)

Class Scheduling • 805-756-2461 •
Event Scheduling • 805-756-5550 •
Catalog and Curriculum •

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