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Catalog Proposal Timelines

Proposals for 2022-26 Catalogs


Starting with the 2019-20 catalog, Cal Poly adopted a phased implementation of the new General Education (GE) 2020 template. The new template was effective with the 2020-21 catalog. For subsequent catalogs, courses in each GE area will undergo recertification review, based upon updated guidelines developed for each area:

Courses for Recertification Review

Catalog Review Cycle

GE Areas A and B

GE Areas C, D and E (Lower-Division) 2022-23
GE Areas C and D (Upper-Division) 2022-26 (on hold)

For more information on recertification, refer to the General Education program’s website.

Submission Timelines

See the below chart for when proposals must be approved by the college’s associate dean in Curriculum Management workflow to be considered for the current or next catalog. Please check with your department/college for internal deadlines.

NOTE: With the exception of editing a program, all catalog proposals may be submitted in the Curriculum Management system at any time. The window for submitting an Edit Program proposal is no longer open for the 2022-26 catalog.

2022-2026 Catalog - Out of Cycle

New course proposals can occur during any quarter, please see table below for deadlines based on effective term. In addition edits to courses can occur once a catalog is published. However, there are limits on what edits can be proposed.

The only edits that may be proposed to a course during the Out of Cycle period are:

  • adding a crosslisting,
  • making the prerequisite less restrictive in order to support student enrollment,
  • making a change to the modality (i.e., method(s) of delivery) of the course,
  • Recertification of Upper Division GE Areas C & D, or USCP (Course description, title, units, and mode CANNOT change as part of the recertification proposal)
FOR A PROPOSAL TO BE EFFECTIVE: Summer/Fall 2023 Summer/FaLL 2024
Course - Propose New January 27, 2023 TBD
Course - Recertification GE Areas C & D or USCP (Upper-Division)(Course description, title, units, and mode CANNOT change as part of the recertification proposal) January 27, 2023 TBD
Course - Edit (relaxing prerequisites or modality changes only) January 27, 2023 TBD

New Program/Sub-program Proposal - contact Academic Programs and Planning Office. Start date of new programs is determined upon final approval from the Chancellor's Office.

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