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Status of Proposals

Proposals Outside of the Catalog Review Cycle

Certain types of proposals may be submitted outside of a catalog review cycle. Refer to Submission Timelines for guidelines.

Status of Proposals, Academic Year 2017-2018 Review
(Academic Senate Consent Agenda)

2017-19 Catalog Proposals

Program Summary

View the status of all proposals to add, discontinue, or change the name of a program (degree, concentration, specialization, minor, or graduate certificate) in the 2017-19 catalog.

College Summaries

Below are summaries of 2017-19 catalog proposals by college. The summaries include proposals to add or discontinue programs, as well as proposals to add or remove courses offered by another department from a program’s curriculum. Additionally, the summaries include proposals to add, edit, or deactivate courses.

For questions about the status of proposals, contact

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