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Curriculum Management Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to commonly asked questions about the online Curriculum Management tool. If you have any questions, comments or feedback please contact

NOTE: Remember to utilize the help bubbles in the forms as they not only provide helpful hints but some contain links that direct you to additional resource material.

General Information




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Inactivated Courses

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U.S. Cultural Pluralism



  • Will the proposer field change if additional users make changes to an existing course/program another proposer originally created? The person who made the original proposal will always be the proposer for the new/edited course or program.
  • I’ve logged into the Course Inventory Management and/or Program Management page and when I got to search for a course/program no results show up and the page keeps saying showing “loading”. If a page never loads information this means that the system has timed you out. Refresh the page and log back in.
  • Why can’t I continue editing a course/program I’ve been working on? If a proposal has been submitted into workflow in can no longer be edited as it has moved into workflow and is awaiting approval. If the proposal was prematurely submitted into workflow you can contact to roll back the proposal for further edits or you can contact the first person in workflow and ask that they roll back the proposal.
  • Why do I keep getting error messages when I try to Save and Submit my proposal? If you try to submit a proposal into workflow without completing all of the required fields (fields in red boxes), the system will not allow the proposal to be saved and submitted. Instead, the system will alert you to the mandatory fields which must be completed. Be sure to review all of the fields in the proposal, fill in any empty red boxes, and then try to Save & Submit again.

    Note: Each field for the units per mode of instruction (i.e.: Lec, Lab, Act, Sem) must be completed. Do not leave any of them blank; enter a zero if there is no value. The system will not save the proposal, nor submit it into workflow, until the “units per mode” fields are complete.

**Remember to “Save Changes” often to ensure none of your information is lost.


  • How do I view an old course proposal, one previously approved through electronic workflow?
    • To view a course proposal that was approved through electronic workflow in the past, you need to see the course "History".
    • Search for the course in the Course Inventory Management page. When you select the course and it is highlighted in gray, you will be able to scroll down to see the course information displaying in the preview window.
    • Notice the gray “History” header located on the right-hand side, under “Edit Course” and “Preview Workflow.” This is course “History," showing a list of the approved proposals for this course. When you click on each history, the full details of the approved course proposal will open in a new window. You can print the proposal, or save it.

  • What is the 'Quick Searches' feature? The Quick Search is the dropdown menu in both the Course Inventory and Program Management forms that allows users to quickly sort all of the proposals based on the type i.e.., Edited Courses, Added Courses, Deactivated Courses, Edited Programs, Added Programs, Deactivated Programs, etc..
  • Can I sort by Course Code, Title, Workflow, Status in the Course Inventory Management homepage? You can resort the search results by clicking on the column headers (Course Code, Title, Workflow, Status). If you click on 'Course Code' this will list the course codes in reverse alphabetical order. If you select 'Title' the search will sort the courses by title in alphabetical order.
  • I'm searching for an existing course but no results are returned? Try refreshing your cache. Below are shortcuts to clear cache and refresh the browser with the latest changes.

    Windows: CTRL+F5
    Mac/Apple: Apple + R OR Command + R



  • In the Course Inventory Management why are edited courses showing up in the Quick Searches (Added Courses) pull down? When a crosslisted course has been added to an existing course this creates an edit to the crosslisted course. For example CD 256 is showing up as an edited course in the 'Added Courses' pull down menu because CD 256 was added as a crosslisting to existing course PSY 256.
  • What does the 'Status' header show? The status header in the course and program forms shows users if a course is 'Added', 'Edited', 'Deactivated' similar to the program forms. Status informs users what actions if any have been made to a course or program.



  • How do I see who the approvers for workflow are? First search for a course/program and once it populates in the field below select the course/program. You’ll notice once the proposal is selected that the content displays as well as a red link titled “Preview Workflow” on the top right corner. Click on the “Preview Workflow” link to see the approvers in workflow.
  • I received an automated email with a link to approve a proposal but I can’t see the proposal why is that? First start by checking the status of the course/program proposal by going in the Course Inventory Management and/or Program Management page and searching for the proposal. Once the course/program is showing review the “Workflow” column at the top if this field is empty that means the proposal is not in workflow and the proposer needs to submit into workflow. It could be that this proposal was approved but the proposer requested our office to roll it back to the proposer in which case you can view notes for these actions by clicking on the proposal and navigating to the very bottom and reading the “Course Reviewer Comments” field.
  • There may be more than one approver in a role as indicated by the department/college in which case all parties receive the email notification and are all designated to approve the proposal. If one party approves the proposal it will move onto the next role in workflow. You can check if the proposal was approved by another designee by reviewing the approval history. Simply search for the course/program in the Course Inventory Management and/or Program Management page and then select the proposal. Once the proposal content populates review the top right column “Approval Path” information. Here you will find who approved the proposal and when.
  • I’m in the Approve Workflow page but there are no proposals to approve under my name. There will never be any proposals under a users name instead the proposals will be under a designated role (i.e., Department Curriculum Chair, Department Chair, College Curriculum Chair, etc.) in workflow. To see the roles in workflow click on the dropdown arrow for “Your Role”. If there are any proposals in your queue waiting for approval they will be found under your designated workflow role.
  • How can you see if a course or program is in 'Workflow'? After locating the desired course or program by either using the search field or the quick search feature you can see if the proposal is in workflow and if so where in the queue the workflow at. Simply select the course or program in workflow and the online view will show the proposal and in the right hand corner the 'In Workflow' header will list the workflow order. The current role where the workflow is being reviewed will be highlighted in orange.


  • When are consultation memos needed? If a new course is being proposed and is to be included in a programs curriculum then a consultation memo is required from the department where the program is going to be added to.

    For all programs if courses from other departments are being added to or removed from the curriculum, consultation is required.
  • When are consultation memos NOT needed? For existing courses the Curriculum Management tool pulls from a Cal Poly PeopleSoft database so for courses that reside anywhere else in a programs curriculum will automatically generate an FYI email to the respective departments/colleges. This email serves as the former paper consultation memo. The email notifies the department/colleges giving them 2 weeks to respond if no responses are received that will be considered approval of the changes.



  • What if I made changes to a course/program but decide not submit the changes how can my edits be reverted back to the original course/program information? Contact letting us know to rollback the course to its original state.



  • What if I accidentally deactivated a course/program and I don't want it to go through workflow how do I bring it back? Contact with a brief description and we will take the course out of deactivated status.
  • Why can't I use a course number that shows it has been 'Deactivated'? A new course number is required if the deactivated course has become inactive in the previous 3 catalogs (6 years).



  • What if I created a course proposal but I no longer want to submit how do I delete it? Only Admin users have the ability to delete proposals. Users need to contact with a description of why a proposal needs to be deleted and the proposal will be shredded for you.



  • How do I reactivate a course that has been inactivated? If an inactive course does not have any learning objectives on file with the Registrar’s Office, a new proposal and Senate approval will be required to reactive the course. A request to reactivate a course should be made by the department heads/chairs to the Registrar no less than two quarters prior to the desired quarter to being reoffering the courses (e.g. to offer an inactive course in Spring, contact the Registrar in the Fall quarter).
  • If a course has learning objectives on file with the Registrar, the course may be reactivated provided there are no active courses with learning objectives similar to the inactive course. If the learning objectives of the course to be reactivated overlap with those of existing courses, or other problems emerge, it may require more than two quarters to determine if the course may be reactivated. Refer to Academic Senate Resolution AS-776-14 for more information.



  • Why has this course been inactivated? If a course has not been offered for six or more years (three catalog cycles) it will be inactivated and will not appear in the subsequent Cal Poly catalog. Refer to Academic Senate Resolution AS-776-14 for more information.



  • What form do I used if I want to propose a GE course or add a GE listing to an existing course? Whether the course is new or existing a new course proposal will need to be submitted. If the course is existing a new catalog number will need to be given.



  • What form do I used if I want to propose a USCP course or add a USCP listing to an existing course? Whether the course is new or existing a new course proposal will need to be submitted. If the course is existing a new catalog number a new catalog number will need to be given.

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